Rodent Season in Utah

While rats, mice and other rodents are active all year round, it’s when the weather starts to cool down that they begin seeking shelter inside homes and other buildings. This increase in mice and rats inside your property usually occurs between August to October as they make themselves at home for the cold Utah winter. Gophers are mostly active in the spring but don’t hibernate so you can find evidence of their tunnels in your yard at any time of year. Voles are the same. These small mammals can infest your yard year-round with no break. So while you may think these pests aren’t going to bother you during the winter, unfortunately this couldn’t be further from the truth!

So when isn’t it rodent season?

Good question! You can find rats, mice, gophers and voles around Utah properties any time of year and, due to breeding cycles, their populations are at their highest towards the end of the summer months. You may be more likely to see them inside your home later in the year as temperatures drop and they look for safe places to store food and keep warm. If you haven’t actually seen a mouse or rat but think they’ve got into your home, there are some telltale signs to look out for:

  • Droppings: If you spot small brown droppings in your home, especially in your kitchen, you’ve got rodents. These droppings can carry diseases and it’s important not to sweep or vacuum them up as this could cause particles from them to be inhaled. Wearing gloves and a mask, soak the droppings in a solution of bleach and water, let it sit for a few minutes, soak up the droppings with a paper towel and put them in the trash.
  • Chewed or gnawed things. Rats or mice may chew walls to make their entry points bigger or just to create new ones. You may also see chewed food packaging or things that they use for nesting materials such as paper or fabrics.
  • Sounds and smells. If you hear scratching or scurrying in the walls or ceiling, or can smell stale odors but can’t pinpoint the source, contact H2 Pest Control, your local Utah rodent control company.

H2 Pest Control can come out any time of the year to help get rid of a rodent infestation in or on your property and we highly recommend regular services to keep the pests away.

Is it dangerous to have mice in the house?

While you may think a few mice are harmless and even quite cute, it’s not a good idea to let them have the run of the place. Mice are fast and prolific breeders, meaning that your one or two mice could soon become many, many more. Check out our previous blog post on mice where we cover the fact that mice can also carry a wide variety of diseases as well as cause damage to your home.

Ways of keeping rats and mice away

You can give yourself a head start in preventing rodents from entering your property. Here are a few easy tips that anyone can follow as a first line of defence against rats and mice.

  • Check the exterior of your building for gaps or holes. Even if they’re tiny, you’d be surprised how small a space a mouse can squeeze through. Seal them up to stop rodents from getting in in the first place.
  • Keep your outdoor space clean. Rodents and vermin are attracted to food that we may leave behind. Pet food, crumbs and unsecured trash bags or cans will draw rats and mice to your property. Even things like leaking outdoor faucets and puddles need to be eliminated as rodents use these as water sources. Try to avoid plants getting overgrown near doors and windows and trim back any tree branches that might overhang your home. Voles are attracted to yards with lots of good hiding places so get rid of leaf piles and garden waste to try and keep them from attacking your lawn.
  • If mice or rats have already found their way in, it’s important to keep your home as clutter-free as possible to stop them from making an easy nest. Keep the kitchen especially tidy, making sure food is safely stored away and crumbs and spills are promptly dealt with. You don’t want to make it easy for these critters to find a food source! The next step is giving H2 Pest Control a call.

If all else fails or you spot things like mouse droppings in your home, give the professionals at H2 Pest Control a call. Our trained technicians will efficiently eliminate your rodent issue, getting rid of these unwanted visitors for good.

How Much is Pest Control in Utah ?

There’s nothing more important than feeling secure in your own home. If you have any sort of pest infestation, you can feel anything from mild irritation to total panic. Not to worry. Nowadays it’s a simple matter of calling a professional pest control company like Utah-based H2 Pest Control. Using our tailor-made approach to each pest situation, you’ll be fully informed of any necessary service charges, meaning no surprises at the end of the day. We also offer regular year-round treatments, bringing the average cost of a service down the more times you use us. If you’re wondering how much pest control in Utah is, call H2 Pest Control for a free quote and more information about all our residential and commercial pest control services.

Is pest control worth the price?

It depends on how much you’re willing to pay for peace of mind and a pest-free home. Luckily, H2 Pest Control is a quality service at an affordable cost to all our customers in Utah County, Salt Lake County and all surrounding areas.  Give us a call so we can investigate your pest or rodent issue and give you a free quote. After our visit, we also offer a free re-service guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied, meaning that pest control is now more affordable than ever. And it isn’t just your home you’re protecting. Many pests, especially mice and rats carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Using a professional pest control service will eliminate these risks to your family’s health and you can’t put a price on that.

Can’t I just use DIY pest control methods?

Of course! There’s nothing stopping you from using traditional methods to get rid of ants or spiders but usually there comes a point where essential oils or chestnuts in the corner just won’t cut it anymore. The bottom line is, to guarantee the removal or prevention of pests and rodents from your home, you need a professional pest control company. H2 Pest Control is a Utah-based and family run company with many years of local knowledge and experience, dedicated to providing a pest-free home for every client. If you’re worried about the cost of pest control in Utah, get in touch with H2 Pest Control today. We can guarantee you’ll be surprised by how affordable quality pest control can be.

How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs, also known as maple bugs or boxelder beetles, are a very common pest all over Utah. Easy to spot with their black bodies and orange-red flashes, these annoying pests can swarm all over trees and buildings in the fall, trying to keep themselves in the sun. Let’s find out all about these bugs and, most importantly, how to get rid of them when they infest your property!

The Boxelder bug

With the scientific name Boisea trivittatus, Boxelder bugs grow to about half an inch long and are found all over North America. They are not dangerous to humans, but if large numbers of them are infesting your yard or even your home, they are a serious nuisance. Huge numbers of these bugs can form swarms and land on buildings during the early fall. As the temperatures start to drop, they try and force their way in through gaps and cracks, looking for a safe, warm place to spend the winter. During warmer winter days or in the spring, they will wake up and potentially large numbers will re-emerge inside the building.

Getting rid of Boxelder bugs

If you’re facing a large number of these pests in your home, don’t try and squash them. They are related to stink bugs so will release a bad smell when squished! They can also stain surfaces and fabrics if they’re crushed so a vacuum cleaner or dustpan and brush might be the way to go. The best way to get rid of the Boxelder or maple bug is to stop it from entering your property in the first place. Here are a few tips to keep the pests at bay:

  • Seal up cracks and holes. Make any repairs to the exterior of your home before the end of August to prevent the swarms from finding a way in.
  • Use pesticide between the end of summer and the beginning of fall right when the bugs are at their maximum levels. Using a professional Utah pest control like H2 Pest Control will ensure the most effective protection against Boxelder bugs.
  • If you have boxelder, ash or maple trees in your yard, you could think about removing them to cut down on Boxelder beetle numbers. They are great fliers, though, and can easily travel at least two miles from a tree to find a resting spot so you might find they come back anyway.

To prevent Boxelder bugs from infesting your yard or home anywhere in Salt Lake or Utah County, contact H2 Pest Control. Our fully licensed technicians can remove bugs and implement protective barriers to keep these pests away from your home.