Pest Control in Bluffdale

The Hillside Suburb of Salt Lake City

Right in between Lehi in Utah County and Salt Lake City lies the town of Bluffdale, named after the very hills upon which its community stands. Passing the ‘point of the mountain,’ Bluffdale appears to be a relatively new community, especially as you climb the heights to look over the entirety of both valleys. However, Bluffdale’s history is an interesting one: for many years, no one could decide what town Bluffdale really belonged to.
Settled in 1848, the town of Bluffdale originally belonged to West Jordan. Originally, Bluffdale had many amenities to offer settlers, including a hotel with dining, a brewery, a stable, and a pony express station. Within the introduction of one of the first school precincts in the Salt Lake area, Bluffdale became part of South Jordan, and then Riverton. The town was renamed as Mousley for a short time, named after the local bishop, but the name shortly changed back to Bluffdale. The town served as a center of irrigation for the Salt Lake valley, with many canals being dug that wound their way north.
Today, Bluffdale is a beautiful community that features everything families could want, including thirteen large city parks, a number of well-kept trails, and excellent places to eat. The Jordan River Parkway Trail runs through Bluffdale, a forty-mile trail suited for bikes and joggers that spans three counties. And at Wardle Fields park, both kids and adults can enjoy a splash park, basketball courts, a mountain climbing wall, and a zip line.

The Pests of Bluffdale Utah

Just because the modern-day Bluffdale looks beautiful from afar, there are still a myriad of pests that call the place home. Worse, they like to call your place home. The kinds of pests that are popular in Bluffdale include swarms of ants, wasps, and mice that can damage your property. H2 Pest Control knows how anxious it can feel to have pests like these infesting crevices and crawl spaces. That’s why we fight pests fast, look for the tell-tale signs of their living spaces, and deal with them at the source.
The pest control service we provide is not a temporary fix. Although bugs and spiders are a determined bunch, we aim to finish your pest problem and make sure they won’t want to come back. The power sprays we use for yards is two to three times more effective than industry-standard treatments. And all of our treatments are eco-friendly for children and pets.

Common Pests in Bluffdale, UT

Be on the lookout for these and other pests in Bluffdale, UT:


Whether they sting or not, ants are more than a nuisance. When they are found in the yard, they are often found around discarded food, pet food, or garbage. If they are found inside the home, it means they have found some type of sustenance that may have been discarded. Keep your home and yard clean, sweep or mop up spills quickly, and avoid keeping food on the counter for long.


If you get the creeps from spiders, you’re not alone: there’s a reason many of us are instinctually fearful of them. Although most spiders around Utah are not venomous, there are a few exceptions (such as the black widow) that can be harmful, especially to pets and children. Keep an eye out for their nests, and do your best to keep regular pests out of your home or garage, as this is their primary form of food.


Although these small rodents look unthreatening, they are anything but harmless. Mice carry several diseases and bacteria that can put your family at risk, not to mention the large amounts of property damage they cause. They gnaw through wood walls, electrical wires, and anything else they can sink their teeth into. Before mice can get inside, call H2 Pest Control to keep them out!