Pest Control in Fairfield, UT

Although the population of the town is less than 200 people, Fairfield, UT stands on rich historical ground. Part of the Provo-Orem metro area, Fairfield is home to Camp Floyd, now a state park museum, which was established in 1858 to quell a Mormon rebellion. While this particular rebellion never came to pass, the town celebrates annual Civil War encampment reenactments and you can also visit a 19th century schoolhouse and the StageCoach Inn which was an official stop for the Pony Express. With all this history lying in the wide open spaces and magnificent mountain views Fairfield has to offer, it’s not surprising that pests have also staked a claim here. H2 Pest Control is a family-run business, dedicated to giving all Fairfield clients a pest-free home. Contact us today or have a look at our services to see what makes us the go-to choice for pest control in Fairfield, UT.

Common Pests in Fairfield, UT

H2 Pest Control is proud to offer Fairfield clients a totally bespoke service, personalized for each individual situation. We perform comprehensive and thorough inspections to find those pests other pest control companies might miss and, in the event that you’re not 100% satisfied, H2 Pest Control offers a free re-service guarantee. Here are some of the most common pests you might find trying to share living space in your Fairfield property:


If you’re living in a rural area such as Fairfield, UT, ants are always going to be a big problem. Able to enter your property through the smallest of cracks, ants can quickly take over your living space. While harmless to humans, they can still spread germs, contaminate food and, in the case of the larger Carpenter ant, cause damage to your property by chewing through the woodwork. Let H2 Pest Control take care of these pests by removing them from your home and installing long-lasting preventive barriers to stop the ants coming back. Call us today to get rid of ants in your Fairfield property.


Whether it’s the creepy Hobo spider, the large Wolf spider or the dangerous Black Widow, Fairfield has more than its fair share of arachnids. If spiders and webs are infesting your home or yard, call the experts at H2 Pest Control. Using our comprehensive inspections, we can find the spiders other Fairfield pest control companies might miss to leave your property spider-free in no time. Our re-service guarantee also means that if you do still spot a spider after our initial visit, we’ll come back out again at no charge.


There’s no getting away from wasps so do the sensible thing and give H2 Pest Control a call if your Fairfield, UT property is being swarmed by hornets, paper wasps or yellow jackets. If there’s a wasp nest nearby, our fully certified technicians can find it and remove it safely, leaving you to get on with enjoying the great outdoors. Wasp swarms are not only annoying, they can be dangerous so make sure you call H2 Pest Control for any flying insect issues you have in the Fairfield, UT area.

Rats and Mice

With so much open space in Fairfield, UT, mice, rats and other rodents still manage to make their way into peoples’ homes. If you have a mice infestation or see signs of rodent activity in your home or yard, call H2 Pest Control today. Act quickly to avoid mice and rats causing damage to the internal or external structure of your home, and to stop them spreading diseases to your family. H2 Pest Control has many years of local knowledge of Fairfield and surrounding areas and our expert technicians can eliminate your rodent problem to give you back your peace of mind. As a family-run company, it’s especially important to us at H2 Pest Control that every Fairfield client can live in a pest-free environment.

Preventive Pest Control 101

Tips for keeping your Fairfield, UT home or business pest-free

Strange but True Facts About Wasps

Did you know…

The world’s smallest insect is a type of wasp. Known as the “fairy wasp”, it’s less than half a millimeter long!

Wasps were making paper from chewed up wood pulp long before humans came up with the idea.

Bees are actually descended from wasps.

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