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No More Frustration, Worry, or Health Concerns.

Pests and rodents have a way of filling us with stress, ruining our comfort, and invading our lives. Nobody should have to deal with pests in their home.

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Say hello…

to peace of mind and better home living.

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Say goodbye…

to frustration and worry from bug bites, home damage and health concerns.

Every Homeowner in Utah Deserves:

  • To feel in control and to not have their house run by pests.
  • To save valuable time instead of battling obnoxious pests.
  • Peace of mind knowing you or your family won’t get bit or harmed by dangerous pests.
  • Not putting health at risk from dangerous or disease-
    carrying rodents.
  • Damage free homes not riddled with destructive pests.

Quality Pest Protection

You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to Pest Control in Utah. Although in our minds, there is only one clear choice 🙂, we want to arm you with information when determining who to trust with your pest control.

Quality pest control done right is the best way to an improved quality of life, free of stress from pests.

Is Every Pest Control Company the Same?

The simple answer is no. These are questions you should ask when evaluating the quality of your pest control company:

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Are they consistent?

At H2 we provide quality service every time around. Whether it’s preventative treatment or infestation control, H2’s high-quality service is consistent.

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How quickly can they get to your home?

H2 Pest Control can service your home within 24 hours, but we are usually even faster than that!

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Do they charge for a re-service?

You can rest assured that your money is well spent. For customers on a recurring plan, we’ll re-service your property free of charge until the issue is under control. No fees, no hassles.

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What is their product like?

We know you care about your environment. All of our pest control treatments are eco-friendly and safe for your children, pets, and the surrounding environment.

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Is their product safe?

We use high-quality products and equipment that won’t leave odors or dangerous residue. Our approved applications are safe, to use around children and pets, no need to leave the house during treatments.

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Do they treat more than just the “easy” pests?

H2’s treatment plans are designed to protect you from wasps and spiders to mice and voles, and everything in between.

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Are they recommended?

We have nearly 1,000 five star reviews left by satisfied homeowners. We take pride in a job well done and don’t cut corners.

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Are they certified professionals?

You don’t want to trust your home with just anyone. All of our technicians have passed rigorous internal and state licensing exams. They are very courteous and knowledgeable.

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What is their customer service like?

When you have pests or are wanting to treat them, you likely have questions. When you choose H2 Pest control, answers are simply a call away. We provide responsive and reliable customer service.

Need Service Fast?

Getting protected from pests has never been easier. Whether you’re looking for a quote or immediate service, we’ve got you covered.

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Don’t wait to get serviced and start enjoying a life without pests.

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Comprehensive Pest Control

You deserve better than cutting corners. At H2 Pest Control, we spray more areas than most pest control companies. Our coverage and services are comprehensive so you can be assured you’re receiving the best pest control treatment for your home.

H2 Pest Control Areas of Treatment

Pest Protection From Neighborhood Experts

We know you don’t want to spend all your time battling pests without the right tools and knowledge. We are a local, family owned company that not only knows Utah pests like the back of our hands, we are trained, knowledgeable professionals.

We have refined, tried, and tested our treatment methods so we can confidently offer a re-service guarantee. When you choose H2 Pest Control you say goodbye to cut corners and sloppy, routine sprays. We take our job of protecting your home from pests seriously.

Read What Your Community Has to Say About H2 Pest Control

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“When we called concerned about larvae we found in our new house Harvey was very patient and explained all our different options without pressuring us one way or another. We called back the next day and he helped us set up our account and got someone out to our house that same day. Colton came to our house and was quick and did a great job!”


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“H2 is great! We’ve been using them for just over a year for pest control. If we ever see any pests in between sprays, they come out and respect immediately. They’re always super quick to respond and very pleasant to work with!”


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“I am glad I have found H2. They treat the customers with honesty and integrity. No hidden fee whatsoever as every single item is clearly listed and explained to me over the phone and in the contract. Very professional to do business with and the technician was very kind and knowledgeable. Thank you Kevin and H2 for the Elite services!”


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“ Everyone I’ve had come by from H2 has been friendly and professional. One tech even helped us look through all our garage items for the cause of a stench. They’ll drop by to spray even before their office opens at 8. They go above and beyond! Great service.”


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“H2 pest control is great!! They are very informative with any questions I have. They are very aware of pets in the house and not spraying around food dishes and/or moving them out of the way. They show up and get the job done! Super convenient with them tracking when the next appointment should be scheduled so I don’t have to call and schedule it every time. My grandparents have used them for years! Now the whole family is as well!”


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“Very responsive, kind, and efficient. They communicate very well and are on time. We use their yearly service where they spray 4 times throughout the year. They don’t have any issues with coming back and out and respraying in between that time if we are still seeing creepy crawlers. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a great pest control service!”


Michael Lettona
Michael Lettona
I recently had the pleasure of meeting Baden from H2 Pest Control to address a persistent ant problem in my pantry, and I must say that my experience with their services is always outstanding. From start to finish, they demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to delivering top-notch results. During the regular pest control treatment visits, I've seen the technicians display great attention to detail. They are meticulous in targeting the affected areas while taking care to minimize any disruptions to my family. I always feel confident that the treatment is effective. Very pleased with the results.
Alex Giles
Alex Giles
We’ve been using H2 for about a year now and have always been really happy with their service! Baden came out today, texted when we was 30-45 minutes away, and was super professional and really friendly. He happily treated the exterior and interior of our home as we asked and was super helpful, and did a really great, extensive job. Thanks Baden and H2!
Lindsay Martinez
Lindsay Martinez
We use H2 pest control to help with our ant infestation and wasp nests. Baden is always on time and respectful. We are so grateful to H2 for taking care of our home!
Cindy Turner
Cindy Turner
Baden was amazing! He answered our questions and did an amazing job at our house. He was thorough and fast. Thank you so much for everything !
jody kearney
jody kearney
Baden was friendly, professional and respectful. He asked if there were and problems or issues. Baden was very observant and took care of the hornets nests I was not aware of. Thank you Baden!
Megan Ostler
Megan Ostler
Baden the bug 🐜 guy was awesome! Very professional, informative, and friendly. He was thorough and quick. Definitely would recommend H2 pest control.
Allie Beaulieu
Allie Beaulieu
Baden did an excellent job addressing our bug concerns! Highly recommend!
Jay W
Jay W
Winter snow finally melted away and brought with it all the bugs. Baden with H2 came out same day and took care of it all. Highly recommend
AriElle & Kamuela Kupihea
AriElle & Kamuela Kupihea
Conner was very professional, friendly, and chill when coming and signing us up for the services yesterday. Kaden was able to come out today and spray in and out for the first application and was very kind and respectful. Definitely feel safe and confident with these guys.
Gunner Lamb
Gunner Lamb
Kaden showed up right on time! This was our first experience with H2, he was very polite and respectful! Answered all my questions! Would definitely recommend them!