Utah Crab Spiders

Utah Crab Spiders

The Utah crab spider is known by the scientific name “Bassaniana utahensis” and is part of the bark crab spider family. Crab spiders are found all over North America, with bark crab spiders preferring woods, parks and generally anywhere with trees.

Characteristics of a Utah Crab Spider

Utah Crab Spider

Are Utah Crab Spiders Dangerous?

Some species of crab spider can grow quite large and are capable of inflicting painful bites on humans. The Utah crab spider is not one of these, however. While it may bite a human if provoked, it’s unlikely that it will even be able to break through the skin. If it does, the small amount of venom released will not pose any health risks.

How to Prevent Utah Crab Spiders Coming Into Your Home

Here are some tips to prevent Utah crab spiders from coming into your home:

Utah Crab Spider Control and Treatment in Utah County and Salt Lake County

Bark crab spiders prefer to be outdoors in vegetation and on trees so it’s not that likely that you’ll find them infesting your home. If you do see them inside, however, try and trap them in a small container and release them back outside. Crab spiders reproduce quickly so by putting them back into their natural habitat, you can stop an infestation before it starts.

Pest control companies like H2 will not normally advise total eradication of Utah crab spiders from an outdoor space because a) it’s not possible to guarantee and b), spiders can be very beneficial to your yard. If you do want to reduce the number of Utah crab spiders in your yard, however, there are a few steps you can take:

It’s not likely to find an infestation of Utah crab spiders in your home, but if they have invaded, contact a professional pest control company like H2 for effective pest control treatments. We operate throughout Salt Lake and Utah Counties and can provide personalized pest control plans for each client.