Pest Control in Murray, UT

Sitting in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley, Murray, UT is a city with a mix of residential, commercial and natural areas. The Jordan River runs down the west side of the city and the Wasatch mountains are just to the east, leaving parks and wetlands to live alongside the homes and business properties. With this mix of built-up and natural spaces comes a great opportunity for pests to thrive. H2 Pest Control is a Utah-based family business that has many years of local experience in the Murray area. We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining pest-protected homes for our clients so give us a call if you live in Murray, UT or surrounding areas.

Common Pests in Murray, UT

Urban and green areas come with their own sets of pests and Murray is no exception. H2 Pest Control conducts thorough and comprehensive inspections of your property, finding pests other pest control companies might miss. We also offer a guarantee for all clients that take advantage of our ongoing prevention packages, meaning that if you still see some bugs around after our initial visit, we’ll come back out to your Murray property.

Here are some of the pests you are most likely to find invading your home or business in Murray, UT:


From tiny Pavement ants to large Carpenter ants, Murray has several species of this busy insect. While they are harmless to humans, you don’t want to live with a colony of ants marching through your home. From spreading germs to contaminating food to potentially damaging your property, if you have an ant issue in Murray, UT, call on H2 Pest Control. Not only can we treat for ants on your property, we’ll also install long-lasting preventive barriers to stop those annoying critters from coming back.


Murray has many spiders, the Black Widow being the most dangerous. You may also encounter large Hobo spiders or Wolf spiders or see lots of webs courtesy of Orb Weavers. Whether the spiders are inside your home or out in your yard, H2 Pest Control has a comprehensive spider control and treatment plan for Murray, UT residents. To stop the spread of these eight legged arachnids in your home, give H2 Pest Control a call and our friendly and fully licensed technicians will fix your spider problem, guaranteed.


From crashing your picnic to aggressively attacking you or your family, wasps are everywhere in Murray when summer rolls around. If you notice an increase in wasp, hornet or yellow jacket activity near your home, there’s probably a wasp nest nearby. For nest location and safe removal, get in touch with H2 Pest Control. We use our local knowledge to find nests in even the most well hidden of spots and can also prevent the wasps from coming back and bugging you all summer. For wasp control in Murray, UT, call H2 Pest Control.

Rats and Mice

With the wetlands, parks and built up areas in Murray come a host of rodent issues. Rats, mice, voles and gophers love to try and take up residence in Murray homes or yards but H2 Pest Control can come to your aid. If you’ve seen signs of rodent activity from mouse droppings to scratching sounds or even seen rats and mice running for cover, call H2 Pest Control. All our technicians are fully certified and can help you with rodent problems big and small anywhere in the Murray, UT area. To protect your home from damage and prevent rodents from spreading disease to your family or pets, give H2 Pest Control a call.

Murray H2 Pest Control FAQs

What if the pests in my home come back again?

H2 Pest Control is a professional Utah-based company with many years of pest control experience. If you find that there are still some bugs or pests around after our comprehensive treatments have been carried out, just give us a call. We offer a re-service guarantee and will come out to your Murray property again at no charge.

Are there disease-carrying pests in Murray, UT?

While it’s rare for humans to catch diseases from animals, it does happen. There have been cases of Hantavirus, which is carried by mice, in Utah as well as West Nile Virus which is spread by mosquitoes. Animals can also pass on fleas and ticks to humans which can range from merely being irritating to also causing serious conditions such as Lyme disease. If you have any sort of pest or rodent problem, contact H2 Pest Control to keep yourself, your family and pets safe from potential health-related issues.

What Makes Utah Company H2 Pest Control Different?

Our services are tailor-made for each individual customer. No house or pest issue is exactly the same so we don’t go for a one-size-fits-all approach. Our personalized pest control treatment plans ensure effective results and we also offer a guarantee for all clients that take advantage of our ongoing prevention packages for extra peace of mind. Contact H2 Pest Control for an efficient, effective service anywhere in Murray, UT.

Preventive Pest Control 101

Tips for keeping your Murray home or business protected from pests

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