Spider Pest Control and Extermination

Spider Pest Control For Your Home

Spiders are one of the most common household pests, but that doesn’t make a spider infestation any less frustrating. If you’re dealing with these unwelcome visitors, you probably want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Professional exterminators offer a permanent and thorough solution to any pest problem. But if you’re not ready to call in professional help, there are several at-home spider pest control techniques that you can use to address your spider problem.

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Clean and Declutter

One of the easiest steps you can take to mitigate a spider infestation is to clean out cluttered areas of your home. Most spiders seek out dark and quiet nooks and crannies in which to make their webs.

Get rid of clutter and regularly clean, dust, and vacuum. Arrange your furniture away from walls and corners to promote airflow throughout your home. This will eliminate spider-attracting areas before they become a problem.

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Use Spider Repellent

There are several varieties of spider repellent sprays that you can purchase in stores and online. Apply them directly to problem areas in your home, and reapply as necessary until the spiders are eliminated.

If you’d like a more natural spider pest control solution, you can experiment with DIY repellents. Orange peels, vinegar sprays, scented candles, and peppermint sprays are just a few options for keeping spiders at bay. 

Some essential oils can also be used to deter spiders. Try soaking a cotton ball in peppermint, tea tree, lavender, citronella, or citrus essential oils. Place the cotton ball in a spider-heavy area to get rid of pests, and you’ll enjoy the added bonus of a sweet-smelling home.

Consider Your Yard

If you’re struggling to control spiders in your home, take a look outside. Managing the spiders outside your home can help reduce the number that make their way inside.

Keeping your yard uncluttered and your lawn trimmed will make it less hospitable for spiders. Try not to plant any shrubs, flowers, or other plants within six feet of your home. A lack of vegetation creates a barrier between your home and the habitat of the pests.

Install screens on your doors, windows, chimneys, and vents for an added layer of protection.

Get Effective Spider Pest Control Now

For more information on spiders and spider pest control, check out our guide to getting rid of spiders. We cover everything from identifying different types of spider to controlling indoor and outdoor infestations. We’ve got all the information you need to keep your Utah home spider-free. We help thousands of customers in Eagle Mountain, Lehi, Saratoga Springs , and surrounding cities with their spider pest control.

If your problem calls for professional extermination, call us today. We’ll assess your situation and find the best pest elimination plan for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spiders

Spiders are so hard to exterminate because they do not easily come into contact with common types of insecticide that people place to treat them on their own. As spiders are reclusive animals, they will often find a small and cramped area to hide away from any potential predators.

As a result of their reclusive nature, it can be hard for the insecticide to come into contact with the spiders. Another reason why it is hard for the insecticide to come into contact with the spider is because of the walking behavior of spiders. Without the right treatment, there is not enough contact between the spider and the poison.

The Yellow sac spider is considered a common household spider that is found across Utah. It can often be observed walking or hanging on ceilings and walls and is known to make small white silken balls in corners to hide during the day. Even though the venom of this spider is not harmful to humans, the bite can still be painful.

Another common house spider is the Wolf Spider, which looks like a mini tarantula and is very quick. They are known to bite humans if antagonized or approached. Additionally, the Black widow spider, a spider commonly found in Utah, is labeled as the most venomous type of spider in North America, and their bite can be very deadly.

The Jumping spider can also be found in Utah. They are tiny, harmless spiders with eyes that are too big for their body. The reason people get scared of them is that they are very quick and jump around a lot, making it difficult to keep track of them.

Killing outdoor spiders can be a little more challenging but follows a similar principle to how to exterminate indoor spiders. Spraying insecticide where the spiders like to hide, which means small, cramped areas that are not regularly disturbed.

These small areas can include outbuildings, sheds, under decks/patios, trees, and in the rafters. Mixing 50% vinegar and 50% water together and then spraying the mixture on your walls can help deter spiders from climbing walls. This mixture acts as a natural insect repellent.

Breaking spider webs won’t kill the spiders but may encourage the arachnid to look elsewhere for a home. Patching any holes and cracks in the walls can also remove potential homes for the spiders.

Removing any spider webs that you may find with a vacuum cleaner is a must to get rid of spiders. Removing clutter can also get rid of any potential homes for the spiders. Cleaning up leftovers will stop the spider’s prey from being able to get food from your house, thus stopping the spider from wanting to inhabit your home.

Setting up spider traps in areas where you know spiders are always spotted in is another great trick. These sticky pads trap the spiders and can control the spider population from entering your home. You can purchase these spider traps from most stores

One of the best household products that gets rid of spiders is vinegar. Insects do not like the liquid as they do not like the smell and will actively avoid it. Spraying a 50/50 vinegar and water mixture can be sprayed on walls, do this mix on the outside of the house. You can use citrus, tea tree, rose, lavender, or cinnamon inside the house instead.

Using spider traps, with their sticky pads, can trap and kill spiders, allowing you to keep spiders out of your home.

Pest control services can treat spiders by first removing spider webs. Arachnids create webs to feed and live on. So, if you remove the webs, you are that much closer to treating the spiders around your home. Besides being a home, spider webs can also be used to harbor spider eggs that can hatch into more spiders and cause an infestation.

Pest control companies can spray your house and yard with a non-toxic pesticide that harms spiders and insects and poisons them. This will kill the spiders that are lurking in your home and yards.

Removing spider webs can stop spiders from breeding as it signals that the area is not safe for them. You can also remove the spider’s food source by getting rid of other insects that spiders eat. Get rid of these insects by removing any leftovers in your home, as well as hiding spaces such as boxes or clutter that can seem like a safe space for an insect or spider.

Filling any cracks or holes that allow spiders to come into your house can help prevent a spider infestation from happening. Keeping a clean home will help you easily spot spiders, allowing you to kill or trap them.


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