Does it seem to you like the mosquitoes keep getting worse, year after year? The good news is, it’s not all in your head. The bad news is… it’s not all in your head!

In 2022, Utah mosquito counts were up from the average. Variables like temperature and precipitation have a big impact on mosquito populations. In warm years with more rainfall, mosquitoes thrive.

One of the most bothersome types of mosquito is the Aedes mosquito. To learn more about this pest and to find out about the best mosquito control methods, keep reading below.


The Aedes mosquito is one of the three main types of mosquito. It is distinct from other mosquitoes in that it is active all day long, not just in the morning and evening hours. If you’re bitten in the middle of the day, an Aedes mosquito is probably to blame.

Aedes mosquitoes are found almost everywhere in the U.S. They are common in the South, the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest, and on the East Coast. They have been reported in Utah, including in Utah County, and they often lay their eggs in irrigated agricultural areas.

Aedes mosquitoes appear small and dark. If you get a close look, you might be able to see the signature black and white bands on their legs and abdomen area.


Aedes mosquitoes are particularly aggressive and feed on both humans and cattle. If you’re walking in a grassy, agricultural area, you’re likely to encounter at least a few of these pests.

Mosquitoes are annoying, but they can also carry harmful diseases. Aedes mosquitoes can carry yellow fever, dengue, and zika virus, among others. Dengue is the most commonly-transmitted of Aedes-carried diseases.

While Dengue fever outbreaks occasionally occur in the U.S., they are not a major concern for Utah residents. These outbreaks are uncommon, and when they do happen the Utah Department of Health will provide up-to-date outbreak information.


While you can’t totally eliminate mosquitoes, you can control the amount of mosquitoes you come into contact with on a daily basis. One of the best mosquito control techniques for your home is to make sure that all of your windows, doors, and screens are in good condition. This will help seal your house off from outdoor pests.

Outside, make sure that there is no standing water near your home. This includes things like full buckets, old tires, and birdbaths. If you have a pool that is not in use, make sure it is covered.

If your pest problem is severe, it might be time to apply pesticide. Call a local professional like H2 Pest Control to complete this job quickly and safely.


We know how frustrating mosquitoes can be. Add a potential health risk to the mix, and there’s no doubt about it – they’ve got to go as soon as possible.

Contact H2 Pest control today to learn about our offerings. We offer some of the best mosquito control services in Utah. Whether you’re dealing with the Aedes mosquito or a different variety of pest, we’re here to help!