From property inspection to treatment application, you deserve the best pest control possible. We take the extra time to inspect and treat the structure to ensure maximum control from the first appointment and onward.

H2 Pest Control provides a comprehensive array of pest control services and applications to target pests and only pests. Depending on the pest, different applications and techniques are used to provide the best pest control. Dust treatments fill voids in the walls and soffits. Sprays provide maximum perimeter protection. Granular treatments work into the soil offering residual control. Baiting is ideal for rodents.

Our technicians are fully licensed in all aspects of pest control, from wasp nest removal to getting rid of rats, and use only the best products in our pest control services. H2 Pest Control is a family run business and we truly believe in our mission to give everyone a pest-free home.

Spot Treat Eaves/Soffits
Foundation Barrier
Spot Treat Around Windows/Doors
Perimeter & Fence Line Power Spray Barrier
Rodent Suppression
Crack & Crevice Treatment
Deck Service


Got a pest problem? Don’t rely on DIY traps and pesticides alone to solve it. The best way to get rid of pests completely is with professional pest control services that address the core cause for your infestation. Here are some of the services we provide for the most common pests to be found in Utah:

icon of an ant

Ant Control

Feeling frustrated keeping ants away? Let us control your ant problem.
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Icon of a wasp

Wasp Control

For quick and safe wasp nest removal, call H2 Pest Control for same-day service.
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Spider Control

Protect your Utah home from a spider outbreak with our spider control services.
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Mice Control

Contact us for mice control treatments before a stray mouse turns into a full-blown mice infestation.
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Vole Control

When you notice voles in your yard, don’t wait to call H2 Pest Control for our vole treatment services!
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Mosquito Control

Repel mosquitos away for good with help from our local pest control company.
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Scorpion Control

Keep your home free of scorpions with H2 Pest Control’s effective treatments.
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Earwig Control

Before earwigs damage your landscaping or garden plants, give H2 Pest Control a call!
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Silverfish Control

Rely on our local pest control experts to put a stop to a silverfish problem fast.
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At H2 Pest Control, our pest control services are not temporary, makeshift solutions. They find the root of the problem and address it accordingly. Unfortunately, not every problem can be solved with a can of store-bought pesticide. Attempting to handle a major infestation on your own may become more costly and time-consuming than if you had come to an expert in the first place.

For years, our licensed team of pest control professionals have been treating Utah homes and commercial properties. With local knowledge on their side, they know what treatments work best for which pests and how to keep your home pest-free throughout the entire year.


Our tailored treatments aren’t the only reason to work with H2 Pest Control. We also offer you:

  • Family-owned and operated service: We’re a local, family business that gives our clients the attention their home deserves. We offer a guarantee for all clients that take advantage of our ongoing prevention packages if you’re not 100% satisfied.
  • Powerful pest protection: Since H2 Pest Control uses power sprayers, we’re able to give you 2-3 times more protection than other pest control companies. Our sprays penetrate the soil around your property deeper than backpack sprayers do, for long- lasting protection from pests.
  • Safe sprays and pest treatments: Your satisfaction and your family’s safety are our top priorities. That’s why H2 Pest Control only uses the best pest control sprays and rodenticides. Our pest control treatments effectively exterminate and repel unwanted pests without putting you, your kids or your pets in danger.


Sometimes you don’t know you have a pest problem until you’re suddenly overrun. Knowing the signs will help us to stop pests in their tracks before they take over your life. All the technicians at H2 Pest Control are fully licensed and certified and have many years of local experience at homes like yours all over Utah County and Salt Lake County. They really have seen it all so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you spot any of these warning signs:

  • An increase in wasp activity. This probably means wasp nests. Wasps reproduce and build new nests quickly, so it is important to remove them and treat the area to stop them coming back. More than likely, there are other nests in harder-to-see spots around the exterior of your home. Don’t risk the danger of removing them yourself. Call H2 Pest Control first!
  • Signs of chewed boxes, mice droppings, or a mouse in your living space. During Utah winters, a few mice finding shelter from the cold in your home or business can swiftly become a full-blown infestation that no mouse trap will solve. Mice carry harmful diseases that can impact the well-being of your family or your employees. H2 will make sure to handle your pest and rodent problem quickly and effectively.
  • Black Widows. While it’s rare that Black Widow bites are life-threatening, it is always better to be safe than sorry— especially if you have small children. Spiders are exceptionally good at hiding, so where there is one, there are more. The technicians at H2 Pest Control put all their local knowledge to good use in finding where these pests might be lurking.
  • Small tunnels and dead grass patches in your yard. These are signs of a vole population on your property. While voles rarely become a problem inside your home, they multiply quickly and carry dangerous diseases. We will service your vole problem with pest control treatments that are safe for your yard and for your family.

When you see signs of mice, black widow spiders, wasps, voles, and other common Utah pests, call H2 Pest Control, your local pest control company that will give you complete and long-lasting home protection.


People report that it can be one or two days before they start to see a noticeable difference in the level of pests. The exact time frame of how effective the initial treatment can vary on a few elements.

The time frame varies as a result of the different chemical solutions used, the environment of your property, the number of pests, and where the spray was applied. After the initial treatment, it may seem that it is not working, and the pests will be more active.

This is a good sign as a good pesticide is one that is shared insect to insect. Pests will transport the pesticide to either a colony or other pests and fix the root problem.

As some of these treatments do not have an odor that you can detect, it may be difficult to feel that the chemicals are doing their job. In many cases, it is important to trust the process and look for signs that treatment is working.

Signs that the solution is working are that pests will start to behave erratically and are busy moving around. This shows that treatment is disrupting the usual pattern in their lives, such as feeding and reproducing.

Even though you may not smell any odor from the treatment, it may still be there, and the area should be treated the same as if you can smell an odor.

The most common household pests found in Utah are as follows:

  • Ants are the most commonly found pest around the world.
  • Rodents, like mice and rats, carry diseases and fleas into your home.
  • Cockroaches are very difficult pests to get rid of as they are highly adaptable.
  • Carpet Beetles are destructive bugs that destroy furniture, clothing, and carpets.
  • Skunks as they are so easily recognized by their black and white fur and the horrible smell they produce. It is wise to deal with them.
  • Raccoons, these garbage thefts will often seek shelter inside your homes as it is safe from the elements and there is food.

Depending on what type of pests you may have will determine how often you should have inspections for pests. However, most companies recommend that you have quarterly inspections for more household pests.

If you take proper preventative measures regularly, the inspections and treatments will usually be done on a regular schedule as a way to keep them at bay.

For year-round protection against pests, contact H2 Pest Control and make an appointment with a fully-licensed technician today.

On average, the annual price of having a pest control exterminating any pests can range from $400 to $1,000 annually. It all depends on the size of your property and the severity of the pest outbreak.

Some services offer a monthly charge of around $30 to $50. If you are looking for a one-time visit, it could be around $80 to $120.

The initial visits are usually more expensive as the company needs to do an investigation and search for any signs of unwanted pests. The initial visit can cost around $130 to $350.

Once the pest control treatment has been sprayed or placed on the surfaces, you will notice in a day or two that the insects or pests may start to act erratically. This is good and shows that the treatment is working. After a week or two weeks, you will start to notice dead pests.

For rodents, it can take longer. The treatments are known to take up to a month. However, signs of rodent activity will slow after a week of the treatment.


"Baden came out today to check both homes I pay to have service with. He listens to my worries about rodents and spiders and makes sure to cover all the spots I ask. He’s very polite, kind and I appreciate him listening to my concerns."

-Troy Jensen


"My husband and I are blown away by this company. We’ve been with them for almost two years, and they saved us from a terrible black-widow-sandbox scenario. We called over a holiday weekend, just to “FYI update” them on our new address. They called back *on a Saturday* to organize a time to check out the new place and come up with a plan before we moved in. Fantastic group, a true 10 out of 10."

-Chelsea Mutscheller


"These guys were fantastic from the first call through our first service. Harvey, the owner, spent a solid fourty minutes with me on the phone explaining how his company works, what they do, and what's included. He gave me the confidence to go with H2 and I'm glad I did so far. I work in technology and always have a desire to understand how everything works and Harvey was super patient and clearly passionate about his company."

-Scott Bassett


"Great service and communication!!!"

-Broc Wilde