Odorous House Ants Treatment

Professional Treatment for Odorous House Ants

If you’ve noticed ants in your home, you’re probably eager to get rid of them. And if you’ve noticed that the ants in your home smell, you probably can’t wait another day! Odorous house ants are a common pest in Utah, and they can be a major nuisance.

All About Odorous House Ants

Odorous house ants are up to ⅛ of an inch long and are monomorphic, which means that they are all the same size. They are dark brown or black with tan legs, and their bodies have four segments.

They have a strong, unpleasant scent when they’re crushed or distressed, which is where they get their name. They are also called “stink ants.” People have likened their scent to rotten coconut, rotten butter, and blue cheese, among other things.

Odorous house ants have many queens in each colony, which means that their colonies can be very large. When you have several colonies near your home, you can quickly find yourself with an overwhelming ant problem.

Odorous House Ants in Utah

In most parts of the U.S., odorous house ants are the most common kind of ant that invades homes. That means that Utah residents can expect to see this pest at least once throughout their lifetime.

Odorous house ants prefer nesting under rocks and other natural debris. These are popular components of Utah landscaping, so be on the lookout for ants if your backyard contains lots of rocks.

Are Odorous House Ants Dangerous?

Odorous house ants don’t bite. However, they can contaminate your food if they travel into your kitchen. The biggest complaint associated with these ants is their unpleasant odor.

Get Rid of Odorous House Ants

The best treatment for ants is prevention. If you don’t already have ants in your home, you can keep it that way by altering your environment so that it is unwelcoming to ants. This includes keeping your kitchen clean, removing potential hiding or nesting spots, cleaning your floors with soap and water, and trimming plant growth away from your house.

If you’ve already noticed ants in your home, all hope is not lost. You can use gel baits and ant repellants on your own and use soap and water to clean surfaces and wipe away the pheromones that attract more ants. You should apply bait and repellant in the kitchen and entryways of your home, as well as near walls and around the outdoor perimeter.

When you call in professional exterminators like H2 Pest Control, they know exactly where to look to get to the heart of your infestation. A thorough investigation includes checking inside and outside your home.

Inside, pest professionals look under carpeting, inside indoor plants and planters, near unsealed food and pet food, and under baths and showers. Outside, they check under firewood and rocks, around the base of trees and tree stumps, and near other yard debris.

Odorous House Ant Treatment

Are you ready to say goodbye to your ant problem? H2 Pest Control is here to help! We’ve helped many people in Utah and Salt Lake counties manage pests in their homes.

Let us bring our ant expertise to you. Our highly experienced team of professionals has all the knowledge you need to effectively treat pests in your home. Give us a call today to get started!


"Josh Davis is our technician and he is so great. He is always so responsive and helpful. Josh is friendly and professional, works quickly and carefully. We haven’t had any problem this season with bugs in the house. When we did last year he came quickly and help us get rid of our ants. He’s the best!"

-Michelle Godsey


"They are great to communicate when they are coming and haven’t missed any appointments. Since we started using them we haven’t seen any issues with ants or insects in our home or in the hole for our trampoline."

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