Harvester Ants

Harvester Ants

There are a few different species of ant in Salt Lake County and Utah County. Being able to identify which type is infesting your home makes it easier to ensure an effective pest control service. Harvester ants are one example of the small, tenacious insect you might suddenly find you’re sharing space with.

Harvester Ant Details

Harvester Ant

Harvester Ants in Utah and Salt Lake Counties

Because of Utah’s dry climate, ants are always an issue and harvester ants especially like the open grassy areas on offer. Harvester ants won’t necessarily infest your property like other species such as carpenter ants, but they can take up residence in your yard. Harvester ant nests can be very large, averaging 12 feet in diameter and also going several feet down into the earth. This will kill any grass you have, especially when the ants start swarming from June to October.

Are Harvester Ants Dangerous?

Harvester ants are venomous and while it’s not common, they can bite and sting humans if disturbed. The sting is very painful and can potentially be quite dangerous. In most cases, a sting will cause swelling but if symptoms worsen, you may be experiencing an allergic reaction so don’t hesitate to contact a medical professional.

What’s the Difference Between Harvester Ants and Fire Ants?

Harvester ants can be red in color which leads people to mistake them for fire ants. They are much larger than fire ants, however, and also build much larger nests. Harvester ant nests have a main single entrance, whereas fire ants access their nests from other tunnels and there is no entry point in the mound itself.

While fire ants do sometimes infest buildings, harvester ants prefer to stay outside, in the soil. They move much more slowly than the smaller fire ant but both species can deliver potentially dangerous stings.

How to Get Rid of Harvester Ants

While they normally choose to nest outside, you don’t really want a large ant mound near your patio or in your yard. As well as potentially getting stung by the ants, they can destroy vegetation and plants. Here are some tips to prevent them from calling your yard home:

If it’s too late to prevent the insects from getting into your home, the best way to remove them is to call a professional pest control company like H2 Pest Control. Serving all across Salt Lake County and Utah County, we can identify and solve your harvester ant problems.