Rats infesting your home is something nobody should put up with. Utah-based H2 Pest Control is dedicated to providing effective rat control anywhere in the Salt Lake County or Utah County areas. From finding a few small droppings to actually seeing rats in your home, contact H2 Pest Control, your local rat extermination company.


Rats are an unfortunate fact of life anywhere in Utah. Whether you’re in a large built-up area like Salt Lake City or West Valley City, or a much smaller place like Fairfield or Cedar Fort, rats are going to be there too. A professional rat treatment service like H2 Pest Control can deter these rodents from your home or business, swiftly and effectively.

The geographical and ecological diversity in southern Utah is a haven for rats as they thrive in all environments from woodlands to farms to urban and suburban areas. Basically, wherever there are humans, there are rats. That’s why you need a Utah-based rat control company like H2 Pest Control. Our local knowledge means that we know all the best places these pests like to hide.

In the cold Utah winters, rats are more likely to invade your home to seek warmth and shelter. If you have found evidence of one rat, there’s probably plenty more as they tend to travel in groups. If you’re looking for a rat control company in the Salt Lake or Utah County area, give the professionals at H2 Pest Control a call.


Here are two of the main reasons why rat infestations in your home or commercial property need to be eliminated:


If you are not sure of the best places to put out bait traps for rats, you’re nervous, frightened or just plain busy, let H2 Pest Control solve your rat problems for you. Our fully licensed technicians will thoroughly inspect your home or commercial property before carrying out any rat treatment services and setting up preventive measures to keep the rats away.

If you’ve found rats in your home or commercial building anywhere in Salt Lake or Utah County, call H2 Pest Control.

  • Certified rat control technicians: Each member of the H2 Pest Control team is equipped with the tools, training, and experience needed to provide the best rat control available. We know where rats are most likely to hide and enter your property, and which treatments will work best in each situation.
  • Effective rat treatment: H2 Pest Control uses high-quality rodenticides and other rat control treatments that are safe for your home and family. Our treatment won’t leave stains or harmful odors. We provide the rodent control you need, without needing you to leave the property during treatment.
  • Family first approach: As a Utah-based, family-run business, our mission is to make sure every family can live in a pest-free home. Your happiness is our top priority so we offer a free re-service guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied after our initial visit. You can rely on the rat control services provided by H2 Pest Control to bring peace of mind back to your household.

Contact H2 Pest Control today for complete rat control for your residential or commercial property in Utah County, Salt Lake County and surrounding areas.


"They were on time, professional and very knowledgeable. We had rats and gophers get into our 1/2 acre backyard. H2 knew exactly what to do and started exactly when they said they would."

-Chris Hall


"I had H2 come out for the first time today and I'd have to say they had great customer service, easy online pay, they were on time, their employees are helpful and knowledgeable. The business is also locally owned and operated which is always a plus. I will be continuing to use them."

-Kenneth Decker