Bold Jumper Spiders

Bold Jumper Spiders

If you’ve seen a jumping spider, it was most likely the bold jumper, one of the most common species of jumping spider in the US. Found in the wild and in homes across the states, the bold jumper is also known as the “daring jumping spider” as they bravely take on much larger prey.

How to Identify a Bold Jumper Spider

Bold Jumper Spider

Are Bold Jumper Spiders Dangerous?

Don’t worry about getting close to a bold jumper. These little jumping spiders are not known for attacking humans. In the extremely unlikely event that you are bitten by a bold jumper, their venom is not considered medically important and you shouldn’t need any emergency treatment.

Help, There are Jumping Spiders in my House!

Bold jumpers are a common household spider and you might find them near windows or patio doors as they have very good eyesight. It’s not likely that they will infest your home, as they prefer to be outdoors, but get in touch with a professional pest control company, such as H2, if you feel you have a jumping spider problem.

Bold jumpers might have entered your home looking for prey, or they may have been transported in accidentally, for example on a plant, package or human clothing. 

You won’t know there are jumping spiders in your home or yard by their webs, as bold jumpers don’t make them. They do produce strands of silk as a sort of safety-line, though, to keep them safe when jumping off surfaces. They also use silk to protect their eggs while waiting for them to hatch but these are usually hidden away in gaps and crevices.

Bold Jumper Spider Control in Utah County and Salt Lake County

As bold jumpers aren’t afraid to tackle all sorts of prey, they’re largely found to be a beneficial spider to have around. They eat things like mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies and all sorts of worms that can cause damage to your plants. They don’t harm or eat plants themselves and don’t spin webs so really, they’re an advantage to have in your garden.

Bold jumpers prefer to live outside so the easiest way to avoid an indoor infestation is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. Here a few tips to help prevent jumping spiders from getting in:

It’s not likely to find an infestation of bold jumpers in your home, but if they have invaded, contact a professional pest control company like H2 for effective pest control treatments. We operate throughout Salt Lake and Utah Counties and can provide personalized pest control plans for each client.