Fast and large, Wolf spiders earn their name from the fact that they pounce on their prey and sometimes even chase it down. Because of their size and appearance, they may seem scary but is this a reputation they really deserve?


  • Wolf spiders are large – their bodies alone can measure up to 3cm or just over an inch long. Add on long legs and they’re one of the larger species you’re likely to find in the USA.
  • They can vary in color from tan through to black and are excellent at camouflage.
  • Wolf spiders can be recognized by their eyes. They have 8 eyes, like most spiders, but two of them are large and distinct.
  • The larger female Wolf spiders will carry their egg sacs on their backs until they hatch. They will then carry the spiderlings on their backs for several more days.
  • Wolf spiders don’t spin webs but usually dig out burrows in the ground. From here they can rest and wait for unsuspecting prey to wander past.
  • Wolf spiders can race after prey at a speed of 2 feet per second, making them effective predators.
Brown Spider in Crack in Lindon


It is a rare occurrence, but people have been bitten by Wolf spiders. There are no recorded cases of Wolf spider bites causing much harm to humans, though. They sometimes get confused with brown recluse spiders which do have a more venomous bite, but Wolf spiders themselves do not pose a threat to your health. In the event that you are bitten by a Wolf spider, it may cause mild swelling or itching but symptoms should disappear quite quickly. If it becomes clear that you are having an allergic reaction to the bite, seek immediate medical attention.


Having these large, hairy spiders come into your home isn’t really something most people want. Even knowing that they’re outside in the yard can be cause for anxiety. Wolf spiders don’t spin webs so you may not know they’re on your property until you see one running through the grass. 

Here are some tips to prevent Wolf spiders from hanging around:

  • Tidy your yard. A well-kept lawn and neat yard will not feel like home to the Wolf spider.
  • Fix outdoor leaks. Dripping faucets, puddles of rainwater or moisture on the ground will be an attractive water source for Wolf spiders.
  • Wolf spiders can be recognized by their eyes. They have 8 eyes, like most spiders, but two of them are large and distinct.
  • Deplete the food source. Treat your property effectively to get rid of food sources such as insects and other spiders. If necessary, contact a professional pest control company like H2.
  • Ensure there are no cracks or holes in your exterior walls. To stop Wolf spiders from coming into your home, make sure there are no entry points available to them.

If you already have Wolf spiders in your home or on your property and you want them gone, contact H2 Pest Control. We provide Wolf spider control along with all other types of pest removal throughout Salt Lake County and Utah County.