Mice Control in Eagle Mountain UT, Lehi UT, and Surrounding Areas

Are you finding mouse droppings or gnawed holes in boxes? Don’t wait until a few mice in your home become an uncontrollable infestation! Get in touch with H2 Pest Control for mice control in the Utah County area, from Lehi and Eagle Mountain to South Jordan, Orem, and beyond.

When Do a Few Mice Become a Big Problem?

Mice invade homes and businesses seeking shelter and food, especially as the weather gets colder. They hardly ever live or travel alone, so if you see one mouse, others won’t be far behind.

Mice reproduce quickly, sometimes giving birth to up to 10 litters each year. That means that even just two or three mice can turn into a large infestation quickly.

What’s worse is when these mice carry harmful diseases that could threaten the health of your family. The longer mice remain in one place, the more likely residents will come in contact with the bacteria, viruses, and germs mice carry. Many serious illnesses are transmitted by mice, whether through direct or indirect contact. Mice are notorious, as well, for gnawing through electrical wires, which can cause a sudden, destructive fire.

Placing mouse traps here and there may catch a few mice, but usually won’t allow you to gain control of the problem. Your home or commercial property needs to be inspected by a licensed professional and preventative measures need to be put in place for total mice control.

Wild Mouse. The Mouse Runs On A Grass. Gray Mouse.

Commercial and Residential Mice Control from H2 Pest Control

If you’ve found mice in your home or commercial building in Eagle Mountain, Lehi, or other Utah County locations, call H2 Pest Control! We’re some of the leading pest control professionals in the area for several reasons:

  • Certified mice control technicians: Each member of the H2 Pest Control team is equipped with the tools, training, and experience needed to provide the best mice control available. We know where mice are most likely to hide and enter your property, and which treatments will most effectively rid you of them.
  • Eco-friendly mice treatment:  H2 Pest Control only uses EPA-approved rodenticides and other mice control treatments that are safe for the environment and safe for your home and family. Our treatment won’t leave stains or harmful odors. We provide the rodent control you need, without needing you to leave the property during treatment.
  • Comprehensive commercial and residential mice control: We’ll inspect your home or business in its entirety, then apply treatment specific for each area. Our service is comprehensive for the best results possible.
  • Quick response, friendly service: For fast relief from mice, call H2 Pest Control. We promise to be courteous and arrive promptly to apply mice control before these rodents become a larger problem. With an H2 service program, we will refill your rodent bait stations at the time of each scheduled service. Re-services are FREE when necessary.
  • Contact H2 Pest Control today for complete mice control for your residential or commercial property in Lehi, Eagle Mountain, and more!


    "H2 is locally owned, so they really care about their customers! I had tried all the different mouse traps, looked online for all the different tips, but he got rid of the mice. Very helpful, make sure you're taken care of. Thanks!"

    -Renee A.
    Saratoga Springs, UT


    "We've been using H2 Pest Control for over 2 years now! Everyone we've come in contact with has provided excellent service! H2 has done a superb job at taking care of our mice problem as well spiders/bugs. We would definitely recommend using this company for pest control, they are the best!"

    -Candice Chamberlain