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Don’t put up with living with pests. Ants invading your home, wasps or mosquitoes taking over your yard, mice or rats wanting to take up residence…H2 Pest Control can help. Our friendly and fully licensed technicians have the inside scoop on pests in the Cedar Hills, UT area, meaning that our efficient and effective pest services will soon have your issues under control. Call us today for a free quote and see why we’re the best pest control company in Cedar Hills.

Common Pests in Cedar Hills, UT

Being close to a mountain range means that Cedar Hills, UT is home to plenty of rats, mice and other annoying pests. While you may be tempted to try and solve an infestation situation yourself, the only surefire way to remove pests and prevent them from returning is by using a professional pest control company. H2 Pest Control is a Utah-based family-owned company with many years of local knowledge and experience who can resolve your pest and rodent problems quickly and effectively.

Cedar Hills Ant Control

Ants are particularly plentiful in the warm summer months in Cedar Hills, UT. They are attracted to any crumbs scattered about, empty wrappers, open containers and bowls/bags of pet food. While more annoying than dangerous, some species can cause structural damage to your home. H2 Pest Control can help with all ant varieties including carpenter ants, harvester ants and odorous house ants.

Spiders in Cedar Hills

Cedar Hills has a large collection of spiders that infest the fields and dark spaces of homes and buildings. These include the venomous black widow spider, the hobo spider, and the wolf spider. If you discover any of these in your home, you may have a larger insect problem, as spiders use insects as a food source. Keep your home clean and free of insects as best you can with repellents, traps, and our professional spider control.

Wasp Control and Removal in Cedar Hills

Mean and angry, no one likes crossing paths with wasps. These buzzing insects love to nest under eaves, in attic spaces, behind walls and other hard to see areas, ruining the peace of your outdoor space. The professional technicians at H2 Pest Control can safely remove wasp nests, saving you from stings!

Mice Control in Cedar Hills

Mice can enter your property through tiny gaps so the best way to prevent them is by sealing up any holes or cracks you find in the exterior of your building. If you have evidence of mouse activity in your yard or can hear scratching noises in your walls, contact your local Cedar Hills, UT mice control experts, H2 Pest Control. Mice can spread disease as well as cause damage to your home so take care of the problem as soon as possible with a call to H2.

Vole Removal in Cedar Hills

If you find the grass in your yard beginning to grow yellow in a distinctive path, or the vegetables in your garden dying for no reason, you may have a vole problem. These nasty little rodents are not like mice, and operate both day and night. They also reproduce all year round so solve the issue now by calling H2 and get those voles under control anywhere in Cedar Hills and surrounding areas.

Gopher Pest Control in Cedar Hills

Gophers in your yard are bad news. They can cause damage to the lawn, young trees and plants. They can chew through pipes and wiring and can even tunnel under your home, causing problems with the structural integrity. Cedar Hills residents with gopher problems can contact H2 Pest Control for professional gopher removal services.

Cedar Hills Rat Control

Rats can be found wherever food and shelter is available and Cedar Hills, UT is no exception. Rat problems need to be dealt with fast to avoid damage to your property and disease being spread to your family and pets. Rats can burrow and chew through electrical wires, wood, and even concrete, creating unseen fire hazards in your Cedar Hills home. Stop that rat problem in its tracks with a call to H2 Pest Control.

Earwig Removal in Cedar Hills

These busy little insects can damage your flowers and plants and give off a stink if threatened. While they mainly limit themselves to being pests outdoors, changes in soil and weather conditions can sometimes bring them inside the house. Don’t worry, they won’t lay eggs in your ears but they’re not something you want infesting your home. Local Cedar Hills professional pest control companies like H2 can help solve your earwig problems.

Cedar Hills Mosquito Control

As well as causing itchy and annoying bites, mosquitoes can spread diseases such as West Nile Virus which has been found in Cedar Hills. Mosquito control from H2 Pest Control can help keep your family safe as well as allowing you to spend more time enjoying your yard.

Scorpion Pest Control in Cedar Hills

Scorpions can be an unexpected and nasty surprise for Cedar Hills residents. Scorpions prefer areas with lots of hiding places so decluttering and cleaning up your outdoor space will act as a deterrent. Contact your local professionals at H2 Pest Control for scorpion removal services if you encounter these arachnids in or around your property.

Cedar Hills Boxelder Bug Control

Large numbers of this flying insect can cluster together on trees or even against buildings, trying to stay in the sun. If they make their way inside your Cedar Hills home, they can be difficult to get rid of. Related to stink bugs, Boxelder bugs can release a horrible smell if they get squashed so if swarms of this pest are bugging your property, H2 Pest Control can help.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Cedar Hills, UT

With views of the Wasatch mountain range and Utah Lake, the small city of Cedar Hills, UT is an increasingly popular place to live. Open spaces and trails galore give residents and visitors access to Timpanogos Cove, public parks and the golf course but also brings people into closer contact with animals and pests. While larger wildlife like coyotes and deer can be found in Cedar Hills, UT, there are plenty of smaller critters that can infest homes, cause a nuisance and even spread disease. Call H2 Pest Control for the removal of any unwanted pest from your Cedar Hills home or commercial property. Our fully licensed and friendly technicians will ensure you are happy with the results and if not, we offer a guarantee for all clients that take advantage of our ongoing prevention packages.

Preventive Pest Control 101

Tips for keeping your Cedar Hills, UT home or business pest-free

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