Ant Treatment


How do you get rid of ants? Good question. Ants are one of the most commonly found insects infesting homes and businesses. While they are more rampant during warmer months, some ants may still make their way into your residence to seek shelter from the cold as winter approaches.

If ants are disrupting your peace of mind, the answer is to call H2 Pest Control today. Our ant extermination services cover Lehi, Eagle Mountain and the whole of Salt Lake and Utah Counties. Get professional ant control in your home or yard by contacting H2 Pest Control.


Most people can recognize an ant when they see one. But knowing the difference between various ant varieties can help you assess the risk that an ant infestation poses to your home. Different types of ants behave differently and create different problems for homeowners.

Here are some of the most common ant varieties in Utah and the U.S.

  1. Argentine ants. These small ants can grow to be about ¼ inch long. They like wet environments and are usually found in the southeastern United States, which makes them uncommon in Utah County.
  2. Carpenter ants. These ants are dark red and black and about half an inch in length. They like
    cool, damp areas. They chew through wood to build nests and can cause structural damage to
    your home.
  3. Crazy ants. This variety of ant originates in the Caribbean. They are small and fast and can adapt
    to many different climates. They are not harmful or destructive, but they’re very annoying!
  4. Odorous house ants. As their name suggests, these ants give off a foul smell when crushed.
    They are dark brown or black and no longer than ⅛ inch in length.
  5. Fire ants. These ants are reddish-brown and can grow up to about half an inch long. They get into
    your houses by finding small holes and cracks in your floors or walls. They can sting and will
    leave a bump or a welt on your skin, depending on how allergic you are.

Consult with H2 Pest Control to verify the kind of ant that is living in your home. You can make an educated guess, but we’re professionally trained to identify different ant varieties!

What’s the Secret to Ant Treatment in Utah?

Most of the ant populations in the Utah County area won’t cause harm to you or your home. However, we have seen cases of carpenter ants that will nest in wood, weakening building structures. Either way, ants are a terrible nuisance as their population rises and becomes almost uncontrollable. That’s why you need to contact H2 Pest Control for professional ant control services in your home or yard.

Many homeowners find it frustrating when DIY ant traps and sprays fail to ward off ant colonies. These ant control solutions can bring some quick relief, but don’t get to the heart of the problem.


A quick internet search will reveal many DIY ant prevention techniques.

Suggestions include spraying vinegar or cayenne pepper around your home, sprinkling cinnamon or flour around ant-infested hot spots, and feeding the pests cornmeal mixed with borax.

Such solutions may target foraging ants found outside of the colony’s home, but miss where the majority of the population lies. Or the colony is exterminated, but some foraging ants are missed, left to start colonies of their own and begin the cycle all over again.

DIY options are a small bandaid for a bigger problem. You’ll have to continually apply DIY treatments to keep ants at bay. Plus, many DIY techniques are impractical for long-term use. No one wants a floor that’s covered in flour, vinegar, and cornmeal!

To effectively control ants on your property, you need professional pest control experts who know where to target ant treatments and which treatments will be best for your specific situation. Ant control professionals from H2 Pest Control can provide you with just that.


When your H2 professional arrives, they will perform a thorough inspection of your home and treat all problem areas. If you spot any ants still around after the visit, H2 Pest Control offers a free re-service guarantee so just get in touch for another appointment.

There are a few steps that you can take to prepare for your H2 professionals. These will ensure that your house is ready for pest control treatment and will help you get the best final results.

      • Most importantly, make a note of where you see ants in your home.
      • Vacuum, sweep, clean your counters, and take out your trash. These simple steps eliminate the crumbs
        and food debris that attract ants.
      • Put leftover foods in the refrigerator and seal non-refrigerated items in containers or bags.

Ant TREATMENT and Ant Control from H2 Pest Control

At H2 Pest Control, we identify the root of your ant problem, doing a comprehensive inspection. But that’s not all that makes us one of Utah County’s top pest control companies.

      • Long-lasting ant control: Residential and commercial ant treatments from H2 Pest Control reduces ants on your property. We put preventative ant control measures in place to create a protective barrier for longer-lasting results.
      • Pet and child-friendly ant treatment: H2 Pest Control uses ant control treatments that won’t harm the environment, your belongings, pets, or children. You can even stay in the house while the ant control service is being carried out.
      • Complete re-services (for free): That’s right! If your property still experiences an ant infestation after our treatment, our certified technicians will come back and re-service your entire home or commercial space. And it’s all at no extra cost to you.
      • Utah-based and family run: H2 Pest Control is dedicated to providing everyone with a pest-free home. As a family business, it’s important to us to share our values with our clients. As a Utah business, we also bring valuable local insight into the types of ants in your area and where they’re most likely to be found in your home.

The H2 Difference

When it comes to pest control, we don’t cut any corners. With small and invasive bugs like ants, a thorough and detailed treatment is necessary. Otherwise, the problem will never go away. We’re proud to use EPA-approved treatment, and we’re so confident in our processes that we’ll offer free re-services for any lingering ant concerns.

Our ant control provides fast results that last. By targeting treatments where they matter most, H2 Pest Control gives homes and businesses complete ant control. Call us today for ant pest control services in Lehi, Eagle Mountain, and all of Utah County and Salt Lake County!


Did you know…

In spite of having no ears or lungs, ants have two stomachs.

The queen of the Pogonomyrmex Owyheei species of ant can live up to 30 years, making her one of the world’s longest living insects.

A supercolony of ants was found in Argentina with nests stretching over an area more than 3,500 miles wide.

The tiny ant turned out to be mightier than the dinosaur, having been in existence since at least the mid-Cretaceous period, 130 million years ago.


Why are there so many ants in my home and yard?

The average ant colony contains hundreds of thousands of ants. Being so small, they can easily access your home through the tiniest of gaps. If they find a food source, you’ll suddenly see huge numbers infesting your home. Call H2 Pest Control for effective and long-lasting ant treatment and preventive perimeters.

Can’t I just wait until winter for them to die off?

Sure, if you want to put up with the little pests, that’s up to you. Be aware though, that ants don’t die off in colder weather, they merely go into a hibernation mode called diapause, ready to infest your home once again when spring comes around. Regular ant control treatment from a professional company like H2 Pest Control is the only sure-fire way to control ants.

Aren’t all ants the same?

Due to the variety of ants found in Utah, it’s important that the technicians at H2 Pest Control identify them correctly. This is because different baits work for different ants so if you need ant control in your yard or home, rely on the experts to give the most appropriate and effective treatment for the pest problem.

How can I prevent ants from entering my home in the first place?

Ants are very small so only need tiny cracks and crevices to get into a building. Sealing any potential gaps or holes in your building’s exterior is a great start to ant-proofing your home. Try to keep shrubs or bushes from overgrowing near your walls and trim back overhanging tree branches if possible. Clean up food spills inside and outside the building to avoid attracting the ants and keep your outside spaces free from plant debris and clutter. Even these precautions might not stop an eager army of ants from invading your kitchen, though, so if that happens, give H2 Pest Control a call!


"Josh Davis is our technician and he is so great. He is always so responsive and helpful. Josh is friendly and professional, works quickly and carefully. We haven’t had any problem this season with bugs in the house. When we did last year he came quickly and help us get rid of our ants. He’s the best!"

-Michelle Godsey


"They are great to communicate when they are coming and haven’t missed any appointments. Since we started using them we haven’t seen any issues with ants or insects in our home or in the hole for our trampoline."

-Brian Lafeen