Pest Control in American Fork

American Fork is one of those growing cities that still manages to keep a small-town appeal. Settled by Mormons in the mid 1800s, current residents love it for its sense of community and the beauty of its scenic canyon trails. Bursting with business, culture and recreation opportunities, it’s no wonder that the city has boomed in recent times. Unfortunately, with the growth of the human population comes more issues with pest control.

Common Pests in American Fork, Utah

With its hot summers and cold winters, pests and rodents in American Fork love to seek refuge in buildings and houses all year round. H2 Pest Control should be your first call whenever you see tell-tale signs of rodent activity or ant infestations. Here are some of the common pests you might come across in American Fork:


These busy little insects are just fine until they find a way into your home. Most types of ants are not dangerous to humans but some, such as carpenter ants which can be found in American Fork, can cause structural damage to your property. H2 Pest Control can get rid of ants quickly and effectively and with our re-service guarantee, you can rest assured that your ant problem will soon be under control.


There are a variety of spiders found in American Fork ranging from the harmless jumping spider to the scary-looking wolf spider to the actually dangerous black widow. No matter what type of spider has decided to set up camp in your home or yard, H2 Pest Control has a comprehensive treatment plan to deal with any unwanted eight legged invaders.


Wasps are annoying enough when you encounter them outside so imagine what it’s like to have an infestation in your home. H2 Pest Control has the expertise and experience needed to remove wasp nests from your property and prevent future issues.


It’s a sad fact that as places like American Fork continue to grow, rodents such as rats, mice, voles and gophers have less space for themselves. The best way to prevent rodents from burrowing into your property is to make sure the exterior of your home is free from possible entry points. If you see telltale signs like mouse droppings in your home or you can hear scratching sounds, give H2 Pest Control a call. We provide fast and effective rodent control services and take a personalized approach to each case to ensure the best outcome.

Pest Control Resources for American Fork, UT

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