Pest Control in Draper

Salt Lake County’s Quiet Community Turned Bustling Suburb

There are few places in Utah quite like Draper because of its location and history. Nestled against the Wasatch Mountains to the east and the Traverse Mountains to the south, Draper experiences less of Salt Lake’s lake effects, causing dryer winters and more extreme temperatures that one would expect from a Utah desert. Despite this, it became home to a particular family of settlers for which the city would soon be named.
The region was once called Sigovah, which is a Native American word for “willows.” A man named Ebenezer Brown and his wife Phoebe Draper brought their family to settle in the area because of its good grazing land for livestock. By the end of 1851, most of the inhabitants of the area were part of the Draper family. The Drapers would farm and raise cattle which they would sell to the gold-seeking pioneers heading to California, forming what would soon be called the Mormon Road. At first, the town was called Draperville, but it was soon shortened to Draper.
In the 1940s, Draper became known as the Egg Basket Capital of Utah thanks to their farming co-op that sent assorted foods to soldiers fighting in the Pacific during World War II. In fact, Draper would remain a small farming community until the late 1990s, after which the population would boom as residential communities and businesses came to the area. Today, Draper is home to a thriving commercial market that includes brands such as 1-800-Contacts, Coca-Cola, and the Dell EMC Corporation. The TRAX public transport has two stops through the area, making Draper a well-connected community for people looking to commute further into Salt Lake City or Lehi past the “Point of the Mountain.”
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Mountain Pests to Watch for in Draper

Being so close to the mountains and away from the lake, you would expect the critters that infest homes to the west or north to be scarce in the area. Unfortunately, Draper comes with its own set of pest problems. Voles are plentiful, digging into gardens and lawns and eating roots that make plants turn yellow and wither. Spiders find dark corners in garages and basements of homes, and they prey upon insects such as silverfish, flies, and other undesirable tenants.
H2 Pest Control can help solve these problems by taking a look at the source of these pests and getting rid of them where they strike. We take care of voles with environmentally-friendly treatments that will keep them away from your yard. And spiders and silverfish are no match for our insecticides that will not harm your family and leave behind no fumes or residue. Give us a call today if you have problems with any kind of pest control problem. We are professionals in the field and in the home!

Common Pests in Draper, UT:

If you come across these or any other pests on your property in Draper, UT, give H2 Pest Control a call


If you find the grass in your yard beginning to grow yellow in a distinctive path, or the vegetables in your garden dying for no reason, you may have a vole problem. These nasty little rodents are not like mice, unfortunately, and operate both day and night. The best way to keep these pests away from your yard is to build mesh fencing underground or lay down a barrier of gravel around your yard or garden.


Utah has a large collection of spiders that infest the fields and dark spaces of homes and buildings. These include the poisonous black widow spider, the hobo spider, and the wolf spider. If you discover any of these in your home, you may have a larger insect problem, as spiders use insects as a food source. Keep your home clean and free of insects as best you can with repellents, traps, and our professional spider control.


The name “silverfish” refers to this insect’s flat, silver bodies and scales that look like those on aquatic animals. They enjoy dark, humid, and moist spaces. If you see silverfish scuttling about near spaces like this, you may have a greater infestation at hand. These pests love eating cellulose like paper and are known for eating books. Clean out these dark spaces, and call H2 Pest Control if the problem becomes worse.