Pest Control in Eagle Mountain

Utah’s Fastest-Growing Community West of Utah Lake

If you head west from Provo, you’ll find yourself on Pony Express Parkway, and on your right, you will see a stone monument with two simple words: Eagle Mountain. Eagle Mountain has experienced one of the largest population booms in the state thanks to large-scale residential projects determined to create a beautiful home north of the Utah Lake Mountains.

In the year 2000, Eagle Mountain was a very small town with a population of 2,100 people. The estimated population is now nearly 40,000. Despite this, Eagle Mountain has yet to lose its small-town feel. There are four regional parks in the city to enjoy, and about 35 local parks for children to play and for adults to exercise. The elementary and middle schools in the area are excellent, the real estate market is brand new and still very active, and the commute to Lehi, Orem, Provo, and I-15  is a very relaxed one.

One of the main draws of the area is the access to Utah’s wilderness and outdoor locales. Nothing illustrates this like the Mountain Ranch Bike Park, a park dedicated to mountain biking for all ages. The lake is only a few miles south, allowing access to boating and fishing. The city is right next to the original Pony Express trail, and very close to the city is 18,000-year-old Fremont Indian rock art that the city has done their best to preserve.

House in Eagle Mountain Utah

Pest Control in Utah’s Newest Wilderness Community

Though residential construction and development of communities west of Utah Lake have been fast, managing pests can be a problem in new homes and yards. The beautiful outdoor areas can appear quiet year-round, but large pest problems can be found out under the brush and undeveloped fields surrounding Eagle Mountain. During the winter, all of the critters will want to seek shelter inside warm locations. Eagle Mountain’s proximity to Utah Lake also presents a problem with mosquitoes during the summertime.

Fortunately, H2 Pest Control services are available all year round, and we know how to get rid of these unwanted visitors. We can spot the warning signs of voles and field mice nests as well as mosquito breeding water to help keep your garden, your pets, and your children safe. Our treatments are guaranteed effective and environmentally friendly. Call us today for a free quote!

Image of Eagle Mountain Utah

Common Pests in Eagle Mountain, UT


Not only is Eagle Mountain located close to Utah Lake, but there are also many rivers and ponds that are used for agriculture that make for excellent mosquito breeding grounds. These pests are most notably present in the south end of the city, although they can be everywhere during the warm summer months.


Also called pocket gophers, these little menaces are a garden’s worst enemy. They tunnel underground, eating roots and killing grass and other beautiful landscapes. Worse, they do it year-round, and it isn’t uncommon for the snow to melt and reveal the damage they have caused.


Perhaps the most traditional pest out in Eagle Mountain, mice scurry and hide through the smallest gaps, getting into homes for warmth and making nests to breed. The diseases these rodents carry from the fields outside the city present a major hazard to the safety of your family.