Pest Control in Highland

Utah County’s Idyllic Community for Families

Highland, Utah is a peaceful and relaxed community to live in. It lays at the base of Timpanogos and away from the hustle and bustle of I-15. Yet, it’s still within a short distance of Thanksgiving Point and is situated nearly right in between Salt Lake City and Provo.

Residents of Highland enjoy several nearby parks, golf courses, and quick access to American Fork Canyon, Mount Timpanogos, and other well-known mountain getaways. With breathtaking views of the Wasatch Mountain Range, tranquil neighborhoods, and the perfect location for anything you may need, it’s no wonder why so many families are flocking to Highland.

This spot has grown to be one of the fastest-growing communities in Utah County. The Silicon Slopes are drawing in more families to this coveted area with some of the best schools in Utah and family-friendly living. In fact, Highland has been ranked as the second-best place to raise a family in Utah.

But with all the new homes being built up and the close proximity to the mountains, pests can prove to be a problem in an otherwise ideal location.

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Safe Pest Control Treatments for Highland Homes

One of the biggest concerns we come across in Highland, UT is whether or not our pesticides and pest control treatments are safe to use around children. In such a family-oriented area, our local pest control company is proud to offer safe solutions for homes with young children and pets.

We only use pesticides that are EPA-approved. They don’t harm the environment or your family with toxic aromas or leftover chemical residue. Best of all, their eco-friendliness doesn’t affect their effectiveness! We are still able to provide you with a pest-free home while protecting your loved ones from ingesting or inhaling toxic substances.

For all the pests that are prominent in this area along the Wasatch Mountains, our certified exterminators have the solutions to keep them out for good. We personalize treatment plans for the pests you encounter and based on the needs of your property. Call us today to receive a free quote for your Highland, UT home!

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Common Pests in Highland, UT

H2 Pest Control is here to provide you and other Highland residents with the safe and effective pest control you need for common pests you encounter including:


As more families flock to Highland and build up homes, more mice lose their habitats and flee to the shelter of new homes. Homes near the many parks in Highland are especially prone to mice infestations. As winter approaches the valley, you can expect to see an influx of mice seeking a warm place to reside as well unless mice control barriers are put in place beforehand.

Carpenter Ants

Homes near Dry Creek, American Fork River, and other bodies of water in Highland may also notice an abundance of black, carpenter ants on their property. This species of ants love moisture, often tunneling through wet wood. Homes under construction without tarps or other protection over wood planks will be at the greatest risk, although other Highland homes may see large carpenter ant populations also.


Beautiful flower arrangements and landscaping that abounds in Highland neighborhoods sometimes will attract colonies of wasps in the spring and summer. Wasp nests are hidden away under soffits and eaves, wreaking havoc for homeowners. If these nests aren’t properly removed, wasps may return to the spot each year to rebuild and repopulate.