Pest Control in Lindon

With a reputation as one of the best small cities to live in in America, it’s no wonder that Lindon, UT is a popular place to be. With views of Mount Timpanogos and many natural amenities to enjoy, residents spend a lot of time outdoors. Outdoor activity brings you into contact with nature in the best way, but also in the worst. Exposure and interaction with pests of the flying and burrowing variety can put you at risk of disease as well as potentially causing damage to your residential or commercial property. H2 Pest Control can help Lindon residents solve all of their ant, wasp, rat or spider infestations, guaranteed.

Common Pests in Lindon, UT

Living in close proximity to Mount Timpanogos and the Wasatch range means that Lindon, UT is likely to see these type of pests, in homes, yards and commercial properties:


The most common and numerous pest around is the ant. There are several types to be found in Lindon, UT but the one to be most concerned about is the Carpenter ant. Not only larger than other species, it can also cause damage to buildings by chewing through wood to build nests. H2 Pest Control has the knowledge and experience to eliminate ant infestations and implement long lasting preventive barriers to keep your home ant-free.


There are many scary-looking spiders in Lindon, UT such as the large Wolf spider, but most species are harmless to humans. The Black Widow, however, can be dangerous as their bite is highly venomous. If you have Black Widows or any type of spider in your Lindon home or yard, give H2 Pest Control a call. Using our thorough and comprehensive inspection plan, we find the spiders other pest control companies might miss. Whether you’re scared of spiders or not, H2 Pest Control’s friendly technicians will rid your home of these pests in no time


Being outdoors is great for fresh air, exercise and the views Lindon, UT has to offer. What’s not so great about being outdoors? Wasps. Paper wasps, hornets and yellow jackets are some of the stinging insects that might come and ruin your day but H2 Pest Control has you covered. If you have seen more wasps than usual, give H2 Pest Control a call. With our local knowledge and years of experience, we can search out and safely remove even the most hidden of wasp nests on your Lindon property.

Rats and Mice

Because of its proximity to the Wasatch mountain range and large urban centres such as Salt Lake City, Lindon, UT is the home of plenty of rats, mice and other rodents. If you hear a telltale scratching coming from your walls or see a mouse scampering through your kitchen, get in touch with H2 Pest Control. Not only can rats and mice cause damage to your home by chewing through wires or making holes, they can also spread diseases to your family and pets. H2 Pest Control offers Lindon residents a fast, effective rodent removal service to give you back your peace of mind.

Preventive Pest Control 101

Tips for keeping your Lindon, UT home or business pest-free

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