Pest Control in Payson

Originally known as Peteetneet Creek, what is now the city of Payson, UT was first settled by Mormon pioneers in 1850. With a rich cultural history that also celebrates the city’s Scottish heritage, Payson is always looking for ways to commemorate the past while improving the city for the future. Surrounded by farms and overlooked by the Wasatch mountain range, Payson also has its fair share of bugs, rodents and pests in general. For a Utah-based family business that’s dedicated to ensuring you live a pest-free life, make sure you contact H2 Pest Control for any pest control issue in the Payson, UT area.

Common Pests in Payson, UT

With its proximity to open spaces and Dry Creek running through it, Payson is a great habitat for lots of different pests. Check out some of the most common Payson home invaders below and get in touch for your free quote today.

H2 Pest Control is proud to offer Payson clients a totally bespoke service, personalized for each individual situation. We perform comprehensive and thorough inspections to find those pests other pest control companies might miss and, in the event that you’re not 100% satisfied, we offer a free re-service guarantee.


It seems that nowhere is safe from ants as these determined little critters can squeeze their way in through the tiniest of cracks. Payson residents may suddenly find an army of ants has taken over the kitchen but don’t worry, H2 Pest Control is here. We can remove ants and implement long-lasting preventive barriers to stop them from coming back. While harmless to humans, some larger species of ant found in Payson, such as the Carpenter ant, can actually cause damage to your home. Contact H2 Pest Control today to eradicate those ants and claim back your countertops.


Nightmare-fuel for many people, spiders are a fact of life. Payson, UT is home to many different species, from the Orb Weaver to the Hobo spider to the scary-looking Wolf spider. And don’t forget North America’s most venomous spider, the Black Widow. If you have spiders inside or outside your Payson property, give the professionals at H2 Pest Control a call. Using our many years of local knowledge and expertise, our technicians perform thorough and comprehensive inspections prior to treating so we can find all the spiders other pest control companies might miss. And if you do still see a spider or two after our visit, we have a re-service guarantee meaning that we’ll come out to your Payson, UT property again free of charge.


Who likes wasps? Aggressive and potentially dangerous, these stinging insects are some of the most annoying pests around. Paper wasps, hornets and yellow jackets love the hot summers in Payson, UT and also love to bug anybody who ventures outside. If you’ve seen an increase in wasp activity near your property, there’s probably a wasp nest somewhere nearby. Call the fully-licensed professionals at H2 Pest Control for safe wasp nest removal anywhere in the Payson area and get back to enjoying a sting-free life.

Rats and Mice

Every city has problems with mice and rats and Payson, UT is no exception. Whether it’s gophers digging up your yard or scratching noises you can hear during the night, rodents in your home can cause damage and spread disease. Deer mice, the most common mouse species found in Payson, like to nest in warmer spots in the winter so garages, sheds and homes can all be potential nesting sites. It’s important to deal with a rat or mouse problem as quickly as possible to stop these critters from breeding in your home. Contact H2 Pest Control, your local Utah-based pest solution company, and our fully-licensed technicians will soon have your rodent problem under control anywhere you live in the Payson area.

Preventive Pest Control 101

Tips for keeping your Payson, UT home or business pest-free

Strange but True Facts About Wasps

Did you know…

The world’s smallest insect is a type of wasp. Known as the “fairy wasp”, it’s less than half a millimeter long!

Wasps were making paper from chewed up wood pulp long before humans came up with the idea.

Bees are actually descended from wasps.

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