Pest Control in Centerville, UT

Common Pests in Centerville, UT

Are you struggling with pests in your home?

The first step towards managing pests is understanding what you’re up against.

Here are some of the most common pests in Centerville:

1. Ants

Ants may be small, but there’s power in numbers. They are often found in the kitchen, where small crumbs are enough to create a problem. Some ants are dirty but harmless, while others (like the velvety tree ant) have a painful bite.

4. Spiders

Did you know that Black Widows and Brown Recluse spiders are both found in Utah? These venomous spiders aren’t common, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter them. Check your garage, and other dark and quiet places for spiders. If you encounter a problem, give us a call.

2. Wasps

No one wants to see wasps in their home. These aggressive pests are known for their painful sting. Along with other stinging insects like hornets and yellow jackets, they tend to come out in the summer. They could be particularly troublesome if untreated as they can work their way into homes through roof overhangs and other openings.

5. Earwigs

Earwigs are often found indoors, but they can wreak havoc on your garden, too. Gardeners of Centerville beware! Be on the lookout for signs of this pest as the weather heats up.

3. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are dirty, and very off-putting. If you’ve noticed cockroaches in your home, don’t wait for the problem to resolve itself. Call our professionals today to get help.

Centerville Residents: We’re Here For You!

Centerville (or, as we lovingly call it, C-Ville) is located between Bountiful and Farmington. Right in the center of them, in fact – thus the name!

This cheerful suburb is close to Salt Lake City and the Great Salt Lake. Small but mighty, it is only six square miles in size.

While Centerville is smaller than nearby towns like Clearfield, Farmington, and North Salt Lake, it’s not impervious to pests. Centerville residents should keep an eye out for backyard pests like wasps and mosquitoes as well as unwanted indoor visitors.

Enjoy Your Life – No Pests Included

There’s nothing good about having a pest problem. They contribute to frustration, worry, and unease in your life.

Are you ready to relax and unwind without worrying about pests in your home? Imagine what it would be like to have no concerns about dirty, dangerous, and aggressive pests.

H2 can make that dream a reality!

Pests Create Problems

The homeowners we work with report that pests contribute to:

Don’t let pests take over your life. Take action today to get the pest treatment you deserve.

Prevent Unwanted Visitors

Is your home currently free of pests? Keep it that way with preventative treatments. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Our Services in Centerville, UT

What do you want from your pest control company? We would want a professional team, fast turnaround time, and great customer service… so that’s what we deliver to our clients.

At H2, we treat you like we would treat our own family – because we’re all family here!

When you join H2, you join the H2 family. We’re a local business with years of local success.

We know the ins and outs of pest management in Centerville. No matter the time of year or the type of pest, we have the skills you need to get the job done.

Centerville Pest Control FAQs

Utah is home to several venomous pests. The Black Widow spider and Hobo spider, both found in Utah, have venomous bites that can cause tissue damage. Common pests can also carry diseases. For example, mosquitoes can spread West Nile virus and encephalitis and rats can carry hantavirus.

H2 Pest Control is a family-owned Utah business with extensive experience in the areas we service. Want someone who understands the needs of Centerville residents? We’re here to help.

Here are some other ways we deliver high-quality pest control:

  • We use eco-friendly treatments that are safe for your children and pets.
  • We educate customers about the pests in their homes.
  • If pests return, we re-service your home for free.

We’re dedicated to delivering high-quality pest control throughout Utah. If you’re not satisfied with our work, give us a call. We offer a guarantee for all clients that take advantage of our ongoing prevention packages.

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"We can’t say enough good about H2 Pest Control! Bugs have never been a problem since we started using their services. Their customer service is top notch and their attention to detail is of upmost importance to them. There are plenty of pest companies to choose from, but we love H2 because they are local, prompt and easy to reach!"

- Kara Davis


"They are always responsive and let you know when they will be coming the day before! They always do a quality job and let us know when they are done."

-Jace Sorensen