Fight Pests in Clearfield, UT

Why Clearfield?

This medium-sized city in Davis County is home to many families. The nearby Hill Air Force Base is a major employer in the area, and many Clearfiel residents have ties to the base. Affordable homes and a lower-than-average cost of living make Clearfield a popular choice for Utah residents.

With hot, dry summers and snowy winters, Clearfield weather can get intense. Make sure that your home remains a sanctuary from the elements and get it treated for pests today!

You Deserve:

At H2 pest control, we help you live your best life. That means protecting you and your loved ones from unwanted pests.

Don’t waste any more time or mental energy on your pest problem. Let H2 Pest Control treat your pest problem.

Imagine Life Without Pests

These days, no one needs additional stress in their life. Pests cause worry, fear, and sometimes financial or material loss.

Save your mental energy for the things that really matter. Get preventative pest control or treat an existing problem today.

An Ounce Of Prevention…

At H2, we don’t just treat your problem – we also help you prevent future infestations with routine pest control treatments.

If you haven’t yet encountered pests, you’re a great candidate for preventative treatments. Don’t give pests any opportunity to take over your home!

Pest Control in Clearfield, UT

H2 Pest Control is a company with Utah roots. We’re proud to be family-owned and locally operated. Our team is fast, professional, and friendly… and we live in the communities we serve!

Our local roots give us local expertise. Do other pest control companies know from experience that Clearfield homes tend to struggle with earwigs, mice, and spider infestations? We sure do!

Common Pests in Clearfield, UT

No one wants to find a pest infestation in their home. But with a little understanding of the pests you’re up against, you can start to regain control of your home.

H2 is here to help prevent infestations by routinely servicing your home. Our preventative treatments protect your home from potential invaders.

Here are some common Clearfield pests:

1. Mice

There are many kinds of rodents, but house mice are some of the most common pests found inside homes. They are attracted by food scraps and the comfortable shelter offered by your home. Don’t wait until rodents have taken over, give us a call so you don’t have to worry about them making it in.

4. Ants

Ants seem harmless, but they are hard to control once they’ve invaded your home. Preventative measures are a good line of defense against these small pests.

2. Wasps

Finding a wasp nest can be scary. These pests are known for their painful sting and aggressive behavior. If you’re struggling with wasps, reach out to us. We’ll address your problem – no stings involved.

5. Earwigs

Earwigs are a nuisance inside and outside of the house. In your garden, they munch on vegetables and damage your crop. Indoors, they might pinch you or your family. If you see signs of this pest, give us a call!

3. Spiders

Some spiders are harmless, but some are a serious health risk. Unfortunately, Utah is home to several different kinds of dangerous spiders. These include the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse.

Clearfield Pest Control FAQs

Unfortunately, pests are a year-round problem. Some pests, like mosquitoes, are more active in summer months. But others take up residence in your home and can be a nuisance in the winter, too.

In residential areas like Clearfield, warm homes provide pests with a place to stay during harsh weather conditions.

Utah is home to several venomous pests. The Black Widow spider and Hobo spider, both found in Utah, have venomous bites that can cause tissue damage. Common pests can also carry diseases. For example, mosquitoes can spread West Nile virus and encephalitis and rats can carry hantavirus.

H2 Pest Control is a family-owned Utah business with extensive experience in the areas we service. Want someone who understands the needs of Clearfield residents? We’re here to help.

Here are some other ways we deliver high-quality pest control:

  • We use eco-friendly treatments that are safe for your children and pets.
  • We educate customers about the pests in their homes.
  • If pests return, we re-service your home for free.

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