Pest Control in North Salt Lake, UT

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Pest are stressful, annoying, and time-consuming. Ease the burden of home ownership by enlisting the help of H2 Pest Control to protect yourself from pests!

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Goodbye Pests, Hello North Salt Lake

North Salt Lake (or, as you may know it, NSL) is a small community with a long history. It was first settled in the early 1900s as Salt Lake City residents moved into the areas surrounding the city proper.

North Salt Lake is rapidly growing, and the reasons are clear: it’s a great place to live in a location that can’t be beat.

Peppered with restaurants, entertainment, and even a zoo, North Salt Lake has a social scene that is completely its own. Housing prices are higher than some surrounding areas, but the proximity to the big city makes it worth it.

Freezing winters are good news for homeowners who are worried about pest control. But even low temperatures aren’t enough to deter some hardy pests!

Effective Pest Control in North Salt Lake, UT

What do Utah residents want in their pest control company? We’ve cracked the code.

We offer North Salt Lake Residents:

We’re a family-owned local business with years of experience treating pests in North Salt Lake and surrounding communities. As we’ve served our neighbors, we’ve developed a keen understanding of the exact pest needs of this region.

North Salt Lake Homeowners Should…

Do you find yourself worrying about some of these things? If so, it’s time to take back your life.

Pest protection can make a huge difference in your peace of mind and your overall comfort. Let H2 help you start your journey today.

Prevent Chaos Before It Strikes

Dealing with a pest infestation is overwhelming. That’s why we always recommend preventative pest control! Treat your home today to keep it protected tomorrow. Don’t wait until there is a problem, routine pest control treatments is the best way to prevent an infestation from ever happening.

Common Pests in North Salt Lake, UT

What pests have you noticed in your home?

If you have a pest problem, it might be one of these common North Salt Lake pests.

1. Spiders

Check your garage, and closets for spiders. But be careful when you do it – Utah is home to several varieties of venomous spiders, including the dangerous Black Widow. If you find anything concerning (including webs, egg sacs, or spiders themselves), give us a call.

4. Silverfish

Silverfish don’t sting and seem harmless at first glance. But these small pests actually chew through paper and other similar materials. They can wreak havoc on a library or bookshelf. If you notice them, give us a call.

2. Wasps

If you’ve ever been stung by a wasp, you know it’s no fun. Avoid future stings by treating your home for wasps. If you notice a nest in your home and yard, our team can quickly and safely remove it.

5. Rodents

From mice and rats inside to gophers and voles outside, rodents are bad news. They can cause real damage to your home and yard. Plus, some rodent droppings may contain dangerous Hantavirus particles. If you notice signs of rodents or areas where they could likely go, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

3. Ants

Many people think ants are harmless. Unfortunately, they can cause damage to your house and they sometimes bite. Avoid a painful or expensive ant infestation and treat them as soon as you see them – or better yet, before you see them!

North Salt Lake Pest Control FAQs

H2 Pest Control is a family-owned Utah business with extensive experience in the areas we service. Want someone who understands the needs of North Salt Lake residents? We’re here to help.

Here are some other ways we deliver high-quality pest control:

  • We use eco-friendly treatments that are safe for your children and pets.
  • We educate customers about the pests in their homes.
  • If pests return, give us a call. We offer a guarantee for all clients that take advantage of our ongoing prevention packages.

Utah is home to several venomous pests. The Black Widow spider and Hobo spider, both found in Utah, have venomous bites that can cause tissue damage. Common pests can also carry diseases. For example, mosquitoes can spread West Nile virus and encephalitis and rats can carry hantavirus.

If you notice unwanted pests in your home or simply want to keep them from ever getting in your home, it’s time to call in professionals. Pests can cause physical damage and emotional strain. Prolonged pest problems may lead to:

  • Property damage
  • Health scares
  • Increased frustration and irritability

You can try DIY pest removal techniques, but these aren’t always effective. We recommend getting in touch with a professional to save you time and money in the long run.

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"Best pest control company I’ve ever worked with!! Both sales and services was so nice and accommodating to our needs."

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"H2 Pest has been absolutely wonderful. We have issues with those little red spider mites. H2 ordered a special formula to get rid of them. They have always been so wonderful and responsive. We recommend H2 to everyone asking about Pest Control."

- Amy Moffett