Pest Control in South Jordan

Situated between the Oquirrh and Wasatch mountain ranges, South Jordan, UT is a fast-developing and growing community. Rated as one of the best cities in Utah to raise a family, SoJo residents have access to parks, fishing ponds and all kinds of water activities on Oquirrh Lake. Unfortunately, the pest population of South Jordan is also going through a boom time and that’s where H2 Pest Control comes in. As Utah-natives, we are expertly placed to seek out those pests other companies may miss. And as a family run business, we are dedicated to giving each customer the best service possible.

Common Pests in South Jordan, UT

With its mixture of wetlands and mountain ranges, and hot dry summers followed by snowy winters, it’s no wonder that there are pests year-round in South Jordan, UT. If you find yourself dealing with an infestation of insects or rodents in your SoJo property, don’t hesitate to call H2 Pest Control and our friendly technicians will eliminate your pest problem, guaranteed.


While they may look harmless enough, an army of ants marching through your house is the last thing you want. South Jordan is home to species like the large Carpenter ant, an insect that can cause damage by chewing through your woodwork. For immediate ant treatment with extra preventive barriers for longer lasting results, contact H2 Pest Control to clear your South Jordan home of these pesky invaders.


South Jordan has more than its fair share of spiders. Black Widows and Hobo spiders can be found in cracks and crevices in your home or yard and large Wolf spiders can also swing by for a visit. If the thought of these spiders gives you the creeps, contact H2 Pest Control for effective and long-lasting spider control in your SoJo home. We have a comprehensive and thorough inspection plan that checks areas others pest control companies may miss so we’ll find any unwanted arachnids lurking on your property. And if you still see a spider after our initial visit, we have a re-service guarantee and will come back out again at no charge.


Wasps are social insects but they can act in a very antisocial manner. Prevalent in urban and wooded areas, there’s no real escape from these stinging pests. Paper wasps, hornets and yellowjackets are found in the South Jordan, UT area and if you accidentally find yourself near a wasp nest, you may be on the receiving end of an aggressive attack. To avoid a painful and potentially dangerous situation, call H2 Pest Control if you see an increase in wasp activity in or near your SoJo property. Using our many years of local knowledge and expertise, we can find even the most well-hidden of wasp nests and remove it safely, letting you get back to enjoying your outdoor space.

Wasps on Wasp Nest

Rats | Mice | Gophers | Voles

From gophers digging up your yard to rats or mice infesting your home, H2 Pest Control is your go-to pest control company in South Jordan, UT. With its diverse geographical and natural features, SoJo is a rodent haven so make sure you contact H2 Pest Control to deal with any rat, mouse, gopher or vole issues you may have and to prevent those pests from coming back. Our fully licensed technicians will remove rodents from your home and tackle each issue with the most effective treatment for that individual case.

Preventive Pest Control 101

Tips for keeping your South Jordan home or business pest-free

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