Pest Control in South Salt Lake

South Salt Lake is more than just a suburb of Salt Lake City. With a popular downtown, this growing city is also a favorite for families and young professionals to call home. Bordered by the Jordan river on the west, this relatively small Utah city also has a strong emphasis on outdoor life with numerous city parks, open spaces and connecting trails for residents to enjoy. With Mill Creek running through the middle of South Salt Lake, there are also plenty of differing habitats for pests and rodents to feel at home. At H2 Pest Control, we believe that everyone in South Salt Lake is entitled to pest-free living so please get in touch with any insect, rodent or other pest problem you might have and our fully-licensed technicians will give you back your peace of mind.

Common Pests in South Salt Lake, UT

With the mix of urban and open space environments in South Salt Lake, rats, ants and flying insects are all too common. H2 Pest Control is a local Utah-based pest control company that’s dedicated to eradicating any pests from your South Salt Lake home or commercial property. Give us a call today and see how H2 Pest Control’s comprehensive and thorough inspection service can find the critters other pest control companies might miss. Servicing South Salt Lake and the greater Salt Lake City metro area, H2 Pest Control has you covered. Here are some of the most common pests you’re likely to find bugging you in South Salt Lake:


Ants are found almost everywhere on the planet, in urban and natural environments. Don’t put up with sharing counter space with these annoying pests in your South Salt Lake home. Self-treating ant infestations can only get you so far as there is always a much larger colony waiting outside and once a way into your home has been found, these tenacious little insects have a habit of coming back. H2 Pest Control can remove ants from your home and implement long-lasting preventive barriers to stop them returning. We also have a re-service guarantee meaning that if you do find some ants left behind after our initial visit, we’ll re-service your South Salt Lake property again, free of charge.


Many people are afraid of spiders but thankfully, the technicians at H2 Pest Control are not. Whether your South Salt Lake yard or even home have been taken over as base camps by Orb Weavers, Jumping spiders, Hobo spiders or Black Widows, H2 Pest Control can reclaim your property from these creepy visitors. Using our comprehensive and personalized treatment approach, you can be assured that your spider issue will be swiftly dealt with whether it’s inside, outside or both. Call H2 Pest Control today for an end to your spider infestation anywhere in the South Salt Lake area.


Yellow jackets, hornets and paper wasps are big fans of South Salt Lake’s open spaces and hot summer weather. Encountering a swarm of aggressive stinging insects when you’re out and about is one thing but what happens when they’re right in your own backyard? If you have wasp activity near your home, there’s probably a wasp nest nearby. The fully-licensed technicians at H2 Pest Control have expert local knowledge about the South Salt Lake area that means we can locate and remove even the most hidden of wasp nests. To avoid getting stung this year, contact H2 Pest Control for any wasp, bee or flying insect issues.

Rats and Mice

Cities like South Salt Lake are havens for rats, mice and other rodents. The easy access to garbage, water sources and shelter from predators and cold weather means that mice and rats love our homes as much as we do. Fortunately, H2 Pest Control’s comprehensive rodent removal service can send those rats, mice, voles or gophers packing for good. If you see mouse droppings on your floors or countertops or hear scratching in the walls or ceilings at night, get in touch with H2 Pest Control. Left alone, rats and mice will breed, causing more damage to your property as well as increasing the chances of spreading diseases. Clear your South Salt Lake property of rodents and vermin today with a call to H2 Pest Control.

South Salt Lake H2 Pest Control FAQs

What if the pests in my home come back again?

H2 Pest Control is a professional Utah-based company with many years of pest removal experience. If you find that there are still some bugs or pests around after our comprehensive treatments have been carried out, just give us a call. We offer a re-service guarantee and will come out again at no charge. As a family business, it’s important to us that every South Salt Lake client can live in a pest-free home.

Are there disease-carrying pests in South Salt Lake?

While it’s rare for humans to catch diseases from animals, it does happen. There have been cases of Hantavirus, which is carried by mice, in Utah as well as West Nile Virus which is spread by mosquitoes. Animals can also pass on fleas and ticks to humans which can range from merely being irritating to also causing serious conditions such as Lyme disease. If you live in the South Salt Lake area and have any sort of pest or rodent problem, contact H2 Pest Control to keep yourself, your family and pets safe from potential health-related issues.

Do I still need pest control in the winter?

Just because temperatures drop in Salem in the winter months doesn’t mean all the pests die off. Spiders and ants actually go into hibernation mode, ready to get going again come spring and rodents such as rats and mice actively seek out safe havens such as human homes to build their nests. For year-round protection against pests, contact H2 Pest Control and make an appointment with a fully-licensed technician today.

What Makes Utah Company H2 Pest Control Different?

Our services are tailor-made for each individual customer. No house or pest issue is exactly the same so we don’t go for a one-size-fits-all approach. Our personalized pest control treatment plans ensure effective results and we also carry a free re-service guarantee for extra peace of mind. Contact H2 Pest Control for an efficient, effective service anywhere in the South Salt Lake area.

Preventive Pest Control 101

Tips for keeping your Salt Lake City home or business pest-free

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