Pest Control in Spanish Fork

A Vibrant Utah Town, Designed for Recreation and Relaxation

Spanish Fork, Utah is known for its strong sense of community. Residents who move into the area or families who have inhabited the town for generations feel a certain kinship and loyalty to this place. It offers a small-town feel with all the urban amenities you want within a short driving distance.

One of the yearly highlights in Spanish Fork is the annual Fiesta Days, a week-long rodeo that celebrates the town’s Spanish heritage. The event is a family favorite for residents here as well as families from neighboring communities.

But people don’t just come to Spanish Fork for the Fiesta Days. The area is growing exponentially with new houses popping up left and right. Perhaps that’s due to the lower housing costs compared with other Utah County communities. Or maybe it’s because of the rural and small-town atmosphere many parts of Spanish Fork have to offer. Residents can get away from the busy streets of Provo or Salt Lake City to a quiet, rural retreat sandwiched between Utah Lake and the Wasatch Mountains. Popular areas for recreation like the Spanish Fork River Trail and Park are prime examples of the calming and natural beauty this town has to offer. But in terms of pest control, that closeness to nature and high growth rates come at a cost.

Image of Spanish Fork Ut City Building

Pest Control Personalized for Spanish Fork Homes

Greater acreage, even on properties close to Spanish Fork’s city center, provide pests with more places to call home. Once they find refuge within your property’s boundaries, it’s only a matter of time before they make their way inside your house.

What’s more, many pests thrive in moist environments, like those along the Spanish Fork River and other canals and creeks that run through the city. Especially in the spring when rain falls more frequently and melting snow from the mountains causes high water levels, a flurry of pests may not be far behind.

With so much growth in Spanish Fork, also, homeowners should also be aware of pests that have been uprooted from habitats. New home construction displaces many pests, forcing them to find new shelter, often inside neighboring homes where food, warmth, and water are close by.

Understanding Spanish Fork’s community, how it attracts pests, and which pests it attracts most often, H2 Pest Control is able to provide optimal treatments for residences in the area. Give us a call to inspect your property and provide you with a free quote for a one-time or regular pest control service.

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Common Pests in Spanish Fork, UT

Some of the pests we are called to exterminate most often in Spanish Fork include:


Earwigs and other moisture-loving pests abound along the banks of the Spanish Fork River, especially when surrounding areas are so arid. You’ll recognize earwigs from their oblong-shaped bodies and large pincers. They like damp, hidden spaces found on many Spanish Fork properties such as under log piles, in sheds, and under patio furniture.


Mosquitoes are another pest drawn to moist environments around Spanish Fork. While a few many wander indoors, mosquito control is most often needed outside for large yards during the spring and summer. Our exterminators use some of the latest mosquito traps and repellents to protect your entire property from infestations.


Rodents, particularly mice, find ample places to hide among the tall grass and large yards in Spanish Fork. As their habitats shrink from the area’s rapid growth in new home construction, and as temperatures drop in the fall and winter, more mice populations find themselves looking for shelter in warm, cozy homes.