Spiders are one of the most common household pests, but that doesn’t make a spider infestation any less frustrating. If you’re dealing with these unwelcome visitors and the webs they leave behind, you probably want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. H2 Pest Control uses a thorough inspection process to make sure we locate the spiders other pest control companies might miss. For effective spider control services, contact H2 Pest Control and we’ll get rid of those spiders in no time.


Arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders, is one of the most common phobias in the US. While it might seem irrational to some, there are also real reasons to be wary of some of the spiders found in Utah. Here are a few of the many species to be found in the state:


While they are the largest family of spiders in the world, jumping spiders aren’t harmful to humans. More commonly found in your yard but sometimes venturing inside on the hunt for food, H2 Pest Control can identify and get rid of jumping spider infestations wherever they appear on your property.


These spiders are so large that they’re often mistaken for tarantulas. Their bodies alone can reach 2 inches in length. They also run their prey down rather than spinning webs, making them even more alarming. Wolf spiders can and will bite humans if threatened although their bite is not venomous. To get rid of wolf spiders that might be claiming your yard or home for themselves, contact H2 Pest Control today.


Sometimes mistaken for the dangerous Brown Recluse, Hobo spiders are commonly found infesting homes all through Utah. They were also thought to have a poisonous bite but more recent research has found that their venom can actually be used for medical purposes. They spin funnel-shaped webs and can regularly be found in homes during their August to October mating season. To stop them from overrunning your home, contact your local Utah spider control company, H2 Pest Control.


The most deadly spider in North America can be found right in your backyard anywhere in Utah. Black Widow bites can pose a real threat to young children, the elderly and pets so any signs of infestation need to be swiftly dealt with. H2 Pest Control can provide comprehensive Black Widow spider control services anywhere in the Utah and Salt Lake County areas.


Professional exterminators like H2 Pest Control offer a permanent and thorough solution to any pest problem. If the spider issue is small, though, there are several at-home spider pest control techniques and preventive measures that you can use to address your spider problem yourself.


One of the easiest steps you can take to mitigate a spider infestation is to clean out cluttered areas of your home. Most spiders seek out dark and quiet nooks and crannies in which to make their webs.

Get rid of clutter and regularly clean, dust, and vacuum. Arrange your furniture away from walls and corners to promote airflow throughout your home. This will eliminate spider-attracting areas before they become a problem.


There are several varieties of spider repellent sprays that you can purchase in stores and online. Apply them directly to problem areas in your home, and reapply as necessary until the spiders are eliminated.

If you’d like a more natural spider pest control solution, you can experiment with DIY repellents. Orange peels, vinegar sprays, scented candles, and peppermint sprays are just a few options for keeping spiders at bay.

Some essential oils can also be used to deter spiders. Try soaking a cotton ball in peppermint, tea tree, lavender, citronella, or citrus essential oils. Place the cotton ball in a spider-heavy area to get rid of pests, and you’ll enjoy the added bonus of a sweet-smelling home.


If you’re struggling to control spiders in your home, take a look outside. Managing the spiders outside your home can help reduce the number that make their way inside.

Keeping your yard uncluttered and your lawn trimmed will make it less hospitable for spiders. Try not to plant any shrubs, flowers, or other plants within six feet of your home. A lack of vegetation creates a barrier between your home and the habitat of the pests.

Install screens on your doors, windows, chimneys, and vents for an added layer of protection.


For more information on spiders and spider pest control, check out our guide to getting rid of spiders. We cover everything from identifying different types of spider to controlling indoor and outdoor infestations. We’ve got all the information you need to keep your Utah home spider-free. We help thousands of customers in Eagle Mountain, Lehi, Saratoga Springs, and all across Salt Lake and Utah counties with their spider pest control.

If your problem calls for professional extermination, call H2 Pest Control today. We’ll assess your situation and find the best pest elimination plan for you. For more information about spiders, spider control and how to get rid of spiders, check out H2 Pest Control’s comprehensive guide.


Did you know…

Spiders have blue blood.

Black Widows are the most venomous spider in North America and their venom is 15 times stronger than rattlesnake venom.

Jumping spiders jump by forcing liquid into their back legs, catapulting them forward.

There are a few species of spider which have evolved to look like ants.

You’re probably never more than 10 feet away from a spider.