Pest Control in Taylorsville

Taylorsville is known as “Utah’s Centennial City” as it was incorporated in 1996, one hundred years after Utah became a state. Now a mix of commercial and residential areas with plenty of natural open space, Taylorsville continues to develop as a business hub and family-friendly city. Centrally located in the Salt Lake Valley, the Jordan river runs down Taylorsville’s eastern limit while several large parks add the green element to the city. Unfortunately, something else that benefits from this combination or built-up and natural areas is pests. Insects, rodents and other creepy-crawlies love Taylorsville as much as we do! Luckily, H2 Pest Control, your local Utah-based pest control company, is here to rid your home or commercial property of any pest that’s bugging you.

Common Pests in Taylorsville, UT

Mice, ants and wasps are among the most common pests likely to take up residence in your Taylorsville property. H2 Pest Control is proud to offer Taylorsville, UT clients a totally bespoke service, personalized for each individual situation. We perform comprehensive and thorough inspections to find those pests other pest control companies might miss and, in the event that you’re not 100% satisfied, we offer a free re-service guarantee. Here is some more information about the most common pests in Taylorsville


From scurrying on the sidewalk to infesting your fruit bowl, ants get everywhere. If you’re suffering from an ant infestation in Taylorsville, UT, get in touch with H2 Pest Control. We can remove the ants from your property and implement long-lasting preventive barriers to stop those pests from coming back. It’s not just that ants are a nuisance, larger species such as the Carpenter ant found in Taylorsville can actually damage the woodwork in your building. Say goodbye to these pesky insects with one call to H2 Pest Control.


Taylorsville, UT is home to many different species of spider. From the Jumping Spider to the Hobo spider to the Triangulate Cobweb spider which actually preys on the Hobo spider, no home is complete without an eight-legged visitor or two. But when the spiders get too much for you, call H2 Pest Control. Our thorough inspection service takes in all corners of your yard and home, leaving nowhere for spiders to hide. Our fully licensed technicians can remove spiders and webs from your property in no time, leaving your Taylorsville home arachnid-free.


Paper wasps, hornets and yellow jackets like to ruin everybody’s summer fun but Taylorsville residents have a secret weapon: H2 Pest Control. With many years of experience in neighborhoods like yours, we know all the best places that wasps like to make their nests. To avoid an aggressive swarm of wasps in your backyard, contact the licensed professionals at H2 Pest Control today for safe wasp nest removal and long-lasting treatments against all stinging insects.

Rats and Mice

With the Jordan river, canals and regional parks, it’s not surprising that rats and mice are also big fans of Taylorsville. Mice problems are common in cities but it’s not a good idea to share your home with wild rodents. Rats and mice can cause damage to your property by chewing through wires and pipes which create hidden fire hazards. As well as this, being in close proximity to rats and mice puts you at risk for catching diseases, not to mention the everyday contamination they cause. H2 Pest Control is your go-to rodent removal service in Taylorsville, UT. Our fully licensed technicians will remove rats, mice, gophers, voles or any other rodent from your property and leave you breathing easy with a pest-free home.

Preventive Pest Control 101

Tips for keeping your Salt Lake City home or business pest-free

Strange but True Facts About Ants

Did you know…

In spite of having no ears or lungs, ants have two stomachs.

The queen of the Pogonomyrmex Owyheei species of ant can live up to 30 years, making her one of the world’s longest living insects.

A supercolony of ants was found in Argentina with nests stretching over an area more than 3,500 miles wide.