Pest Control in Tooele, UT

Offering views of the Great Salt Lake as well as the nearby Oquirrh mountains, Tooele, UT is one of the most naturally diverse cities in Utah. As well as being on a mountain slope, Tooele County is also home to the world-famous Bonneville Salt Flats and the city has numerous parks for residents to enjoy. The variety in the landscape means that there are also plenty of pests in Tooele, so if you have a rodent or insect infestation in your home or commercial property, call H2 Pest Control. As native Utahns, H2 Pest Control has the local knowledge and expertise needed for effective pest control services anywhere in Tooele or surrounding areas.

Common Pests in Tooele, UT

With such a wide variety of temperatures, terrain and vegetation available, it’s no wonder that the pest population in Tooele is as diverse as the area itself. Here are some of the most common pests you might find setting up residence in your Tooele home or yard. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to call H2 Pest Control and our friendly technicians will eliminate your pest problem, guaranteed. In the event that you’re not 100% satisfied, we will come out to re-service your property again at no charge.


You won’t know that ants have found a way into your home until a whole column of them is marching across your countertop. While ants are not dangerous to humans, they can spread germs and contaminate food. Large Carpenter ants, which are found in Tooele, can also chew up wood to make nests, causing damage to your property.  To eliminate your ant problems in Tooele, contact H2 Pest Control. Not only can we remove the ants, we also set up long-lasting preventive barriers to stop the annoying pests from coming back.


Hobo spiders, Jumping spiders, Wolf spiders and Black Widows can all be found in Tooele, UT and that’s not even half of the spider species in the city. While they’re great for insect control in the natural environment, spider infestations are an unwanted pest problem for many households. Using our thorough inspection plan, H2 Pest Control will find the spiders other pest control companies might miss so call H2 Pest Control to get rid of the spiders and webs around or outside your Tooele property.


A swarm of paper wasps, yellow jackets or hornets is not only annoying and a sure way to ruin a picnic, it’s also potentially dangerous. If you have seen an increase in wasp activity near your Tooele property, give the experts at H2 Pest Control a call. Using our local knowledge of the Tooele area, H2 Pest Control can find and safely remove wasp nests from anywhere on your property, setting you up for a sting-free summer!

Rats and Mice

Mice, rats and other rodents are an unwanted and sometimes scary problem for many households in cities such as Tooele, UT. As a family-run company, Utah-based H2 Pest Control believes that every home should be free of pests so call us today for complete and effective rodent control anywhere in the Tooele area. Whether it’s mouse droppings in the kitchen or rats chewing through your wiring, rodents need to be dealt with as soon as possible. The fully licensed technicians at H2 Pest Control are ready to eliminate those pests and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Tooele H2 Pest Control FAQs

What if the pests in my home come back again?

H2 Pest Control is a professional Utah-based company with many years of pest removal experience. If you find that there are still some bugs or pests around after our comprehensive treatments have been carried out, just give us a call. We offer a re-service guarantee and will come out again at no charge. As a family-run business, we’re dedicated to providing all Tooele, UT residents with a pest-free home.

Are there disease-carrying pests in Tooele?

While it’s rare for humans to catch diseases from animals, it does happen. There have been cases of Hantavirus, which is carried by mice, in Utah as well as West Nile Virus which is spread by mosquitoes. Animals can also pass on fleas and ticks to humans which can range from merely being irritating to also causing serious conditions such as Lyme disease. If you live in the Tooele area and have any sort of pest or rodent problem, contact H2 Pest Control to keep yourself, your family and pets safe from potential health-related issues.

Do I still need pest control in the winter?

Yes. Just because temperatures drop in Tooele in the winter months doesn’t mean all the pests die off. Spiders and ants actually go into hibernation mode, ready to get going again come spring and rodents such as rats and mice actively seek out safe havens such as human homes to build their nests. For year-round protection against pests, contact H2 Pest Control and make an appointment with a fully-licensed technician today

What makes Utah company H2 Pest Control different?

Our services are tailor-made for each individual customer. No house or pest issue is exactly the same so we don’t go for a one-size-fits-all approach. Our personalized pest control treatment plans ensure effective results and we also carry a free re-service guarantee for extra peace of mind. Contact H2 Pest Control for an efficient, effective service anywhere in Tooele, UT or surrounding areas.

Strange but True Facts About Spiders

Did you know…

Spiders have blue blood.

Black Widows are the most venomous spider in North America and their venom is 15 times stronger than rattlesnake venom.

Jumping spiders jump by forcing liquid into their back legs, catapulting them forward.

You’re probably never more than 10 feet away from a spider.

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