Pest Control in Utah County

Utah County covers 25 cities including Provo, Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain. It’s the second most populated county in the state and has become a hotspot for hi-tech industry set within a wonderful natural environment of mountains, lakes and parks. Where there is nature, of course, there are also insects, spiders and rodents which sometimes want to make their new homes inside our homes and buildings. H2 Pest Control is a Utah-based family business with expert knowledge in effective pest control solutions. If ants, rodents, wasps, spiders or any other creepy crawlies have taken up residence where you live, give us a call. Our comprehensive treatment plans carried out by our friendly and fully certified technicians will solve your pest problems in no time.

Common Pests in Utah County

H2 Pest Control is familiar with all the major pests, bugs and critters to be found in Utah County. With lakes, mountains and green parks all around, there are a wide variety of creatures that might turn up on your doorstep or in your yard. Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, H2 Pest Control has the knowledge and expertise to effectively treat your problem. Here are some of the common pests you might come across in Utah County:


Whether it’s a couple of ants you’ve spotted on the kitchen counter or a full-blown army marching its way across your floor, these tiny pests can be quickly and effectively removed from your home by H2 Pest Control. Utah County has several types of ant, including the aggressive Red Harvester and the large Carpenter ant. If you need help dealing with an infestation, call the professionals at H2 Pest Control.


While spiders are great at controlling the insect population in the wild, not everybody wants to see them in their home, especially the venomous kind! Along with a wide variety of non-harmful spiders, Utah County does also play host to Black Widows and the dangerous Arizona Bark Scorpion. Even if you’re not sure what type of arachnid you’re dealing with, give H2 Pest Control a call and we can solve your spider issue, whether it’s inside or outside the building.


Utah County is home to many wasps, hornets and yellowjackets which can cause a painful sting as well as bugging you when you’re out and about. If you discover a wasp nest on your property, don’t touch it. Get the professionals at H2 Pest Control out to safely remove the nest and treat the area to stop the wasps coming back.


It might not just be rats and mice that find their way into your property. Utah County is home to many different species of mammal, and rodents in particular, from the tiny shrew to the North American porcupine. Whatever the mammal, it can cause damage to your home and potentially spread disease to your family and pets. H2 Pest Control can deal with the issue and advise you on how to prevent problems in the future.

Pest Control Resources for Utah County, UT

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