Close up of 2 silverfish

5 Pests Commonly Found on New Home Construction Sites

With everything going into planning and building your new home, have you remembered one key element: putting pest control in place? Just because your home is newly constructed doesn’t mean it’s immune to pest infestations. Homes under construction are often even more vulnerable to pests with their open structures and unprotected perimeters.

Don’t let your property’s structural integrity be compromised by pest invaders or have your peace of mind destroyed before you can even enjoy your family’s new home! Effective pest control can protect your home even before construction begins, especially from the 5 pests below that are known to be abundant on construction sites.

1. Silverfish
You may recognize silverfish by their thin, scaly bodies. They aren’t as common in some parts of Utah because they prefer wet and humid environments, but this is what makes new home construction sites enticing to them.

Freshly cut wood absorbs any moisture it’s exposed to, drawing in silverfish after a rainstorm or humid day. If lumber is not carefully protected, it may be inviting more and more silverfish inside your home. Adhesives and caulking before they dry are other potential places to find silverfish during construction, that is, if no pest control barrier is surrounding the property. Let these pests in and you may experience some disastrous consequences and major repairs.



2. Spiders
If other pests are lurking around your new home, you can be sure that spiders won’t be far behind. They like to remain hidden in nooks and crannies, all the more abundant during home construction. Wood piles and lingering debris where other pests like to hide are other prime spots for spiders. Chances are the spiders invading your new home’s site were there first, just not completely removed.

Call a local pest control company like H2 Pest Control for total spider removal before and/or after construction begins. To provide you with more complete spider control, we’ll also place spider sprays and pest control barriers around the site and apply additional spider treatments at the base of your new home’s foundation.

3. Ants
After the construction site is leveled and prepared, some pest colonies may remain. Ants especially can be a problem here as their nests remain hidden far underground. Above ground entrances may be removed, but generally the ants themselves haven’t gone anywhere. If you start building on top of these colonies sites, you may have a bigger ant problem than you bargained for.

Pest control professionals, like the team at Utah’s H2 Pest Control, can help identify and remove entire ant colonies before construction, then put other preventative measures in place so ants stay out for good.



4. Mice and Other Rodents
No matter how clean you try to keep your new home construction site, debris and garbage inevitably litter the site to some degree. This makes them the perfect stomping grounds for mice, rats, and other rodents. If rodents can find food among that trash, all the more reason for them to stay, and all the worse for you.

Improving sanitary conditions alone won’t keep out small mice and rodents who like to use insulation, packaging and any other materials they can find to build their nests out of harm’s way. Effective traps and a strong rodent control barrier will be your best defenses for keeping mice off the site completely.

5. Wasps
Rodents, birds, and other pests can easily make their way up into a new home’s rafters during construction. Any pest caught inside your attic or under eaves when you complete construction and close your open-door policy will be much more difficult to remove than if you prevented them from entering in the first place.

Wasps are notorious for finding shelter in these high, covered spaces. Let them roam free around your framed house and they’ll build wasp nests wherever they can. These should not be removed without help from a professional pest control company. Otherwise, wasps may continue to return to the same location.


Complete Pest Control for Your New Home

Your new home, like any existing home, deserves the best in pest control, but it also may need it more than other homes. Homes under construction often are at even more risk from the above pests and more without comprehensive pest control solutions in place.

Contact H2 Pest Control to apply specific treatments for silverfish, termites, ants, rodents, wasps, and other pests wreaking havoc on your construction sites. Protect your home with pest control before the first day of construction even begins. Get in touch with our experts today to begin!