Close of of Black Widow in a Web

The Most Dangerous Spiders in the United States

Did you know that there are more than 3,000 species of spider in North America? Luckily, very few of these spiders are harmful to humans. That means that most of your spider run-ins won’t be dangerous, even if they’re a little scary.

Unfortunately, there are some venomous spiders that live in the United States. Three of the most deadly spiders in the country can be found in Utah.

Black Widow

Many people have heard of the Black Widow – it’s one of the most infamous spiders in North America. It is also the most deadly spider in the U.S.

The red hourglass shape on its black abdomen makes the Black Widow easy to recognize. Its bites are extremely toxic and contain a neurotoxin that can be fatal, especially for small children or elderly people.

Symptoms of a Black Widow bite include nausea, muscle pain, difficulty breathing, and excessive sweating.

Black Widows prefer dry areas to humid ones and can often be found near windows, vents, garages, and other places with many available insects.

Hobo Spider

Hobo spiders are particularly common in arid climates, which makes them a threat to Utah residents. They are most commonly found low to the ground, where they hunt for prey by creating a “trip web.” This web trips insects, giving the Hobo spider a chance to attack them.

Hobo spiders sometimes bite without any warning or provocation, which may be related to their hunting technique. Their venomous bite is painful and can sometimes cause tissue death in the bitten area.

Because of their aggression, it’s best to consult pest control specialists if you think you have a hobo spider in your house.

Brown Recluse

Brown recluse spiders have a reputation as one of the most venomous spiders in the United States. It’s true that this spider has a painful and dangerous bite, and the side effects of a run-in with a brown recluse can be nasty. Brown recluse bites can lead to fever, abdominal cramping, muscle pain, nausea, and chills, among other issues.

As with the Hobo spider, brown recluse bites can also cause tissue death. This tissue death is often more severe than that caused by Hobo spiders. In rare cases, a brown recluse bite can be fatal.

Luckily for Utah residents, these spiders are most common in the South and Central United States.

Protect Yourself from the Most Deadly Spiders in Utah

There are plenty of measures you can take to protect yourself from spiders. Basic spider control includes removing spiderwebs, cleaning out cluttered areas of your house, and checking doors and windows for cracks or unsealed openings. These measures can keep spiders out of your home and reduce your chance of encountering a harmful creepy crawly.

If you’ve already observed venomous spiders like the black widow or brown recluse in your home, it’s a good idea to call in professionals. Don’t put your health and safety at risk!

Call H2 Pest Control today to schedule a service appointment, and you’ll be on your way to a safer home.