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5 Scary Utah Pests to Keep Out at All Costs

When the moon rises during this dark and scary time of year, many forces are at work to fill us with fear. We talk of ghosts and banshees, but there are very real threats within the walls of our own homes including fearsome-looking and dangerous pests that can endanger our family’s safety.

Sometimes, you may hear scratching or scurrying in the ceiling, notice cobwebs in corners, or see pests running for cover when you turn on the light. At other times, though, you may miss the signs until these pests have already infested your living or working space.

Quick pest control is a lifesaver to remove the pest threats as soon as possible. The sooner such scary pests are removed, the better in order to protect your home or commercial property from structural damage and its inhabitants from disease. Here are 5 Utah pests in particular that can be scary to encounter and should be eradicated as soon as you notice them.

1. Rodents

For being such notorious pests, for many people, mice, rats, and other rodents are considered cute pets rather than pests. However, rodents can cause serious damage to the interior and exterior structure of a home. Their nests have been known to cause house fires from their flammable debris in close proximity to chewed electrical wires. Their strong teeth chew holes all around homes, not to mention what they chew through within the walls of your house.

Mice also may steal food, contaminate homes, and spread disease dangerous to your health. Voles are some of the most dangerous rodents, being able to spread very serious, even fatal, diseases while tearing up lawns and landscaping.


2. Spiders

Despite their relatively quiet nature and their heightened popularity during the spookiest time of year, spiders are one creature that we must still fear. You may find them lurking In the corners of your home, along walls, or in dark and hidden spaces.

Although some spiders may be considered friendly and useful for taking care of other pests, black widows, wolf spiders, and hobo spiders can be dangerous due to their poisonous bites. They usually only bite when aggravated, but their venom can cause major health complications. Wolf and hobo spiders may not cause you serious harm unless you have an allergic reaction to their bites, but a black widow’s bite can be deadly for small children and older adults.

3. Ants

Whenever food is left out, or even stored in cupboards without a sealed container, it can be an invitation for ants. Black carpenter ants are a massive threat to Utah homeowners by burrowing holes and tunnels within wooden frames for a weakened structure. Sometimes referred to as sugar ants because of their attraction to sugary substances, these pests can become a large problem quickly at this time of year with all the Halloween candy and holiday sweets inside. Once in, black ants can ruin food and make it inedible.

Another threatening ant species to watch for is the fire ant. One bite from a fire ant can cause great harm to those with allergies, even causing death in some. These will be located generally outside, but within close proximity of homes.


4. Wasps

Wasps are another threat to keep in mind that may be lurking near your home. They can be quite deadly, even just touching their hive. They are easy to aggravate if disturbed as well. A wasp sting can be deadly to those that are allergic to wasps. Signs of an allergic reaction are extreme swelling, inflammation, and itching, in which case an individual should be taken to the hospital.

Don’t attempt to complete wasp nest removal on your own. Pest control professionals in Lehi, Eagle Mountain, and other Utah County location know the proper techniques to remove hives safely and completely.

5. Centipedes

Centipedes aren’t as common as some of these other scary pests in Utah. Despite their frightening appearance, the smallest of centipedes are more cuddly than deadly. Centipedes usually aren’t dangerous, but a bite from a larger centipede can cause serious pain or even be deadly due to the poison in their bites.

In the chance you spot a large centipede, don’t wait to call professional pest control services like those from H2 Pest Control who can remove centipedes thoroughly with the least amount of danger.

H2 Pest Control Services

From raccoons and rodents to ants and spiders, keep your home or business protected from the scary pests that may cause harm to you or your property. For properties in Utah and Salt Lake Counties including Eagle Mountain and Lehi, UT, call H2 Pest Control for pest removal. Our eco-friendly treatments give your home strong pest protection without exposing your family to harmful substances.

When pests are invading, contact our pest control specialists to calm your fears, especially on a spooky Halloween night. We’re available around the clock for quicker service and safer homes.