Christmas Gift

5 Sensible Christmas Presents for a Pest-Free Home

Need a last-minute Christmas gift for that family member who hates pests? Or how about a gift to yourself? You want a pest-free home too, right? We’ve got a few ideas for just that!

Give yourself or your loved ones a gift that will help keep homes free of pests during the holidays and throughout the year. We’re talking about presents that go beyond your generic mouse trap or sticky insect traps. These DIY pest control traps only work so well and don’t provide you with a real solution to a pest problem.

If you want complete pest control, you have to go deeper. Use these practical presents below to address and resolve common precursors to a pest problem.

  1. A New Vacuum
    Do you know someone who hasn’t upgraded their vacuum in years? Why not get them a new model that picks up twice the amount of dirt and debris as their old clunker of a vacuum? Not only will your carpets feel cleaner with a new vacuum, but you’ll also be clearing away possible food sources for pests that invite them inside in the first place. Little crumbs, debris, and pest excrement, can attract more pests into your humble abode. Eliminate this source and you’re one step closer to eliminating the problem. You may not want to give other cleaning supplies, like a broom or disinfecting wipes, as Christmas gifts (they don’t exactly say “I love you”). Any cleaning items, though, are a necessity to have on hand for homes wanting to be free of pests.
  2. Food Storage Containers

  3. Food Storage Containers
    Keep your cupboard more organized and help prevent pests with the gift of plastic or glass storage containers. Mice and other pests can easily gnaw or bite their way through cardboard and plastic bags to get to your food. But a plastic or glass container is much harder on their teeth and makes it more difficult for them to smell the food inside, especially if the lid is airtight. You may even want to get stackable containers that maximize the space in your pantry!
  4. Trash Can with Fitted Lid
    Because rodents and pests have this strong sense of smell, such tightly fitted containers are amazing to have on hand. Consider buying a trash can with a well-fitted lid as well. You know how awful trash begins to smell, especially with no lid to keep out the pungent stench. If you can notice that smell, so can pests. Find a nice, new trash can with a lid that closes completely to place inside your kitchen. Then, make sure trash cans outside your home also are sealed shut. It helps as well, to leave them a reasonable distance from your house, but especially outside of your garage
  5. Trash Can with Fitted Lid

  6. Weatherstrips and Seals
    New weatherstrips along windows and doors can help save energy inside your home so you pay less on heating this winter. They also help seal places where pests may enter into your home. Small little openings along door and window frames let heat out in the winter and invite pests into a warm shelter. Seal up these spots and you’ll be doing yourself a favor on several counts.
  7. 50% Off Initial Pest Control Service
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See our ad for additional information about this offer and give H2 Pest Control a call today to make your home pest-free this upcoming year! In the meantime, have a very Merry Christmas!