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Facts You Should Know About Your Not-So-Friendly Neighborhood Spiders in Utah

A spider infestation is one of the last things you want overrunning your home and your peace of mind. Spiders are notorious for lurking in dark corners of homes, especially as the weather begins to cool down. When you see spiders in your home, calling a professional spider pest control company is one of the first steps you should take. The longer the spiders remain, the greater the chance for an even larger infestation.

For the best spider control for your home or commercial property in Utah, contact H2 Pest Control . We offer complete spider control treatments from a team of licensed and certified spider control specialists. They know how to treat for the most common spiders found in the area, including the five detailed below.

Types of Spiders Commonly Found in Utah Homes

Look out for these 5 spiders in particular that are abundant in Utah County. But be careful! These spiders can have dangerous or painful bites.

  • Woodlouse Spiders
    • These spiders are easy to pick out with their red/reddish-brown body and legs. Their abdomen is a dark tan color.
    • Their name comes from their choice of diet: the woodlouse, small bugs also known as pill bugs or roly-poly bugs.
    • Woodlouse spiders are not dangerous to humans, but they do have a painful bite from their large fangs.
Woodlouse Spiders

Yellow Sac Spiders
  • Yellow Sac Spiders
    • Yellow sac spiders can be recognized by their yellow, semitransparent appearance.
    • Their webs look like small sacs found in corners, especially along ceilings. You may find yellow sac spiders in these high corners or hidden spaces, such as under clothes or leaves.
    • A bite from a yellow sac spider and its venom are not harmful but painful. These spiders are more aggressive than some species and will bite more than once if threatened.

  • Wolf Spiders
    • Rather than spin webs, wolf spiders capture their prey by pouncing on them. They move quickly for such hunting purpose
    • Wolf spiders may be mistaken for a smaller tarantula. They have a unique tan and black design on their backs that make them identifiable.
    • A bite from a wolf spider may leave fang marks and take some time to heal but is not poisonous. Left untreated, though, these bites may cause additional health complications. If bitten, seek attention from a medical professional.
Wolf Spiders

Hobo Spiders
  • Hobo Spiders
    • One of the most common (and most dangerous) spiders in the Utah County area is the hobo spider. They are extremely troublesome in the months leading up to winter when they mate and migrate into homes to lay eggs. Protecting your home with reliable spider control becomes even more vital during these critical months for the hobo spider.
    • Hobo spiders are brown/dark brown. They are often confused with other brown house spiders but have a distinct yellow and grey pattern on their abdomen that can be seen with a magnifying glass.
    • Their webs resemble funnels found relatively lower than other spider webs. Because hobo spiders do not climb well, they stay closer to the ground and on the lower levels of a home.

  • Black Widows
    • Black widows are another spider with a dangerous bite, especially for older adults and younger children. Their bite may cause increased heart rate and body temperature, problems breathing, involuntary muscle twitches, and other symptoms.
    • They are one of the most recognized spiders with their black body and the red hourglass pattern found on their abdomen.
    • While feared, black widows are not hostile to humans unless they feel in danger. When cleaning in dark, secluded areas in and around your home, wear closed gloves to protect yourself from black widow bites. Seek immediate help if bitten.
Black Widows

How to Protect Your Home from Spiders

Dangerous spiders, like the ever-abundant black widow and hobo spiders, and even other spider species can quickly turn into a terrifying problem fast. To protect your Utah home or commercial property from such invaders, address any pests that lure spiders in first. With effective pest control in place, you can begin to ward off spider infestations. Then specific spider control treatments can be used for further

Call H2 Pest Control for the spider control you need in Lehi, Eagle Mountain, and throughout Utah County. We’ll give you a free estimate for complete spider treatments in and around your property, specific to the spiders near you. Our eco-friendly treatments are safe to use even in homes with children and pets.

Contact us and we’ll come the same day to get started! The sooner we begin, the sooner you can live in a safe, spider-free environment. So call H2 Pest Control today!