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Common Winter Pests

Did you know that most common household pests are still active in the winter? You may be expecting a break from pests in the colder months, but longtime residents of Utah know that our pests are hardier than that.

If you’re preparing for the winter, you should know which pests to keep an eye out for. Stay vigilant and you’ll be ready to fight off an infestation in your home before it gets out of hand.

What Pests Are Active In Winter?

First, the good news: there are definitely certain pests that are less active in colder months. These include bugs like mosquitoes and wasps as well as heat-loving pests like scorpions.

Unfortunately, other varieties of pests are just as active in cold weather. Below are some common winter pests that you might have to deal with in colder months.

Indoor Pests

As the weather outside grows colder, the warm temperatures inside your home become more appealing to pests. That’s why winter is an important time to keep an eye out for indoor pests like ants, spiders, earwigs, and silverfish.

Once these pests make a home inside your house, they will reproduce and expand their population. It’s important to catch them early to prevent this kind of problem from getting out of control.

The best sign that you have a problem with small pests like ants, earwigs, or silverfish is actually seeing one or more of the pests in question. When it comes to spiders, webs and egg sacks are useful clues that suggest an infestation.


Rodents like voles and gophers typically infest your yard, and they are less of a concern during the winter. But mice and rats are more than happy to move into your home and enjoy the warmth and food supply that you (unwittingly) provide.

Keep food tightly packaged and clean your home regularly to deter hungry rodents. If they aren’t finding a supply of food and water in your home, they’re likely to move elsewhere. More stubborn rodent infestations might require professional intervention.


Cockroaches can technically fall under the category of “indoor pests,” but we think these notorious creepy crawlies deserve to be highlighted all on their own. Because they are well-known for being hardy and difficult to kill, they add an element of difficulty to your winter pest control attempts.

Cockroaches can travel into your home via openings in screens, windows, and doors, or they can be accidentally moved inside on firewood, patio furniture, or other outdoor items that you store indoors for the winter.

These pests are nocturnal, so you should perform any cockroach investigations at night or around dusk or dawn.

Get Winter Pest Control Help Today

What pests are active in winter? Now that you can answer that question, you can be on the lookout for unwelcome visitors in your home.

If you find pests in your house or on your property, don’t hesitate to give H2 Pest Control a call. We’ll help you treat your pest problem quickly and thoroughly so that you can rest easy in your home. From family-safe treatment solutions to high-quality customer service, we offer everything you want in a pest control company!