New House Framed

Don’t Build Your New Home Without Pest Control in Place

New year, new home? Building a new home is an exciting time for any family. Everything brand new, from the woodworking in the living room’s vaulted ceilings to the open kitchen cabinets you helped pick out. This is your dream home. But do you have the preventative measures in place to keep out ants, spiders, rodents and other pests who may make your house their new home before you do?

Many individuals in the process of building or buying a brand new home fail to remember that essential component of pest control. This isn’t an older home with holes in the walls or trash and food debris inviting pests inside. So just why is pest control so necessary for new homes?

  1. Homes Built On-Site
    In most cases, your new home wasn’t built in a protected environment but directly on the home site. That means that the home and its building materials could easily have been exposed to pests at some point during construction. Before the walls go up, insects and rodents can make their way inside and may make nests or hives without you or the construction team noticing. If they aren’t removed before being sealed in, they could cause damage to your home from the inside out.
  2. Building in Pest Territory
    The chosen new home lot generally will have some bugs or pests living within its zone. But once the land is cleared and ready for construction, that doesn’t always mean the pests are gone as well.
    Ants and other pests living underground especially can be a problem for new home sites. While mounds or ant hills may have been leveled, their subterranean routes might not have been, still giving them access to your residence during construction or soon after moving in.
  3. Termites

  4. Wood Left to the Elements
    Wood beams used in new home construction can be susceptible to the weather and destructive pests like termites if not protected with pest control treatments. The area surrounding the site and the wood itself should be treated to repel instead of invite termites in to feast. Otherwise, wood may be vulnerable to termite damage, warping from weather conditions and even mold if left wet for too long.
  5. Dirty Construction Site
    While your home may be immaculate when moving day rolls around, it may not be that way while it’s being built. Dirt and debris can pile up, as can wood scraps and trash. A dirtier site encourages more pest infestations by giving pests a place to take cover and seek shelter.

Protect Your Home From Pests BEFORE You Move In

Take action and prevent pests from infesting your property before you and your family are given the keys. For new homes and home construction sites in Eagle Mountain, Lehi, and other surrounding Utah communities, we have the perfect pest control solution for you.

Contact H2 Pest Control to apply our effective pest control treatments for your new home! We offer pest control services before, during, and after construction so that you can be at ease knowing that your investment is protected from spiders, ants, termites, mice, and other pests that may harm it. Get in touch with our local pest control company today!