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Fishing for Rodents: Baiting Mice and Voles

Mice and voles are particularly troublesome pests. Voles burrow into the ground and love to devour garden vegetables and grass roots, leading to dead grass patches on lawns and ruined landscaping. Mice find their way into tiny cracks in homes to get out of the cold, leaving urine and droppings everywhere behind them. Worse, they chew on everything, including live electrical wires which can lead to home fires!

So how do you get rid of these and other rodents? One popular way that we recommend is through baiting and trapping. Using these effective methods, H2 Pest Control acts as your ally against mice and voles. After managing rodents throughout the years, we’ve come to understand some of the ways to eliminate a mice or vole problem for good, all in a manner that is harmless to humans and pets.

The Best Rodent Baits

Most rodents are opportunistic scavengers. Some foods will attract almost all kinds of rodents, including some that you may not even be hunting for. If you do not care which kinds of rodents you capture so long as they all disappear, some of the best baits include anything sugary. This can include berries, fruit, honey, syrup, peanut butter and other nuts, and even sunflower seeds.

Be aware, however, that these kinds of baits can also attract wildlife like birds, dogs, cats, and other pests. To avoid another pest infestation, H2 Pest Control uses baiting systems designed specifically for rodents in our treatments. They offer tempting treats for mice, voles, and other rodents, but with deadly consequences.

We’ll place bait inside bait boxes positioned in strategic locations after performing an inspection of your home or business. Once the baiting systems are ready to go, it’s only a matter of time before a mice or vole population is cut in half or wiped out altogether. Sign up for regular rodent control treatments and we’ll come to refill your bait boxes so rodent numbers stay under control. If you still notice an increase in mice, voles, or other rodents, we’ll re-service your property at no extra charge.

Rely On H2 Pest Control for Rodent Reduction & Control

If you worry about your family’s safety when it comes to rodent and pest control, there’s nothing to fear with H2 Pest Control. Our EPA-approved baiting system dehydrates rodents to exterminate mice and voles.

Feel free to give us a call to find out more about our process and residential or commercial rodent control treatments. We hope to be your number one resource for pest control in Utah County, South Salt Lake County, and surrounding areas.