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New Year’s Pest Control Solutions

It’s official, 2020 is in full swing! If you haven’t already prepared a pest control plan for the new year, don’t be dismayed, better late than never is what we always say! H2 Pest Control located in Lehi, Utah, is here to help you build a customized pest control plan that’s guaranteed to keep out unwanted bugs and pests as we roll into the new year.

With all the construction and expansion surrounding the Eagle Mountain and Lehi areas, it’s critical to have a thorough pest control plan in place, as well as reliable pest control specialists at your disposal. In newly constructed areas with surrounding land continuing to be developed, common pests include rodents like field mice and other insects like ants, termites, and even bed bugs. Be prepared for 2020 by adhering to the following guidelines.

Frequent Inspections

Be sure to schedule frequent pest inspections performed by trusted and professional, local pest control experts familiar with the types of pests your property is up against. You may think your home or business is pest-free, but pests can hide in building foundations, roofs, insulation, carpet, cabinets, cracks, window seals, etc. where you’re not always likely to see them. Don’t wait until these pests come to light and you have a major infestation on your hands. Be prepared with proactive pest control strategies to keep pests and bugs out before they ever have the chance to enter.

Our experts at H2 have the experience and knowledge to check the places where various pests like to hide. They can perform regular indoor and outdoor spraying and other pest control methods (rodent poison, wasp traps, mosquito netting) in these areas to thoroughly protect you and your property from uninvited critters.

Keep An Eye Out

Be educated and aware of the signs of various pests. Droppings, chewed belongings, dirt piles, eroded wood, and even skin irritation can be signs of a pest issue. Mice tend to chew things like cardboard and drywall. Skunks and similar animals are seen in these types of newly constructed areas and often burrow beneath houses or in bushes near water sources like creeks. Eroded wood can signal a termite problem, while dirt piles in and outside of the home are a good indication of an ant problem. Skin irritation can be a sign of bed bugs, lice, or fleas often brought into the house by pets.

Be vigilant in keeping an eye out for these kinds of warning signs of pest problems. Remember, it’s easier (and cheaper) to proactively keep out pests than it is to treat them once an infestation has taken hold.

Preventative Measures

It’s easier for pests to infiltrate a dirty home. It’s also easier for you to overlook pests in a dirty home full of clutter and mess. Naturally, pests will be drawn to a home with easily accessible food. Excessive clutter in yards, garages, and homes, also invites pests that find it easier to hide and build homes in such clutter. Pests like rodents, spiders, and ants are more likely to visit your home or business if food is not properly stored and packaged.

Keep a clean home or business to avoid helping nasty pests find their way in. Frequently vacuum carpet and sweep/mop hard floors, taking extra care to get in the corners and under things like cabinets and chairs. Regularly clean and sanitize countertops, dust window seals, and check to ensure that cabinets, pantries, closets, and bathrooms are absent of mold, food crumbs, smelly garbage that may attract pests, dirt, and pet hair.

Avoid excessive clutter such as boxes, outdoor equipment, unsealed food storage, etc. where critters like mice and spiders are more likely to attain residence without your knowing. Keep boxes and storage sealed, against walls, and in cold areas like garages or cold storage as much as possible to avoid warm-blooded pests and bugs.

H2 Will Come to You!

Contact H2 Pest Control in Northern Utah today for experienced local advice, pest control, and extermination services. We’re the friendly and professional experts you can count on to keep your business, home, and family protected from unwanted pests year-round in 2020!