rat sitting on the fence

Rats: the ultimate pest

What is the number one pest you do not want in your home? For most people, the answer would be “rats”. The very thought of these furry, disease-laden rodents setting up camp in your home is enough to give anyone the shivers. But do they deserve this reputation as a top pest? And how can you stop them from making your home their next target?

How to attract rats

If, for some reason, you’re desperate to have some rats running around in your attic or walls, here are some good tips to attract them to your property:

  • Leave food outside.
  • Keep that grill nice and grimy, leave trash bags outside, don’t clean up after your pets and leave any fallen fruit or berries on the ground. An easy food source is just what the rats are looking for.

  • Cultivate piles of junk
  • Any stack of garden waste in your yard or general trash left outside can attract rats who are after things to build nests with or looking for a sheltered spot to hide.

  • Don’t block up holes or trim overhanging branches.
  • If you really want to roll out the red carpet for your rodent friends, make sure you leave any cracks, holes or gaps in your exterior walls exactly as they are. Also, overhanging branches from nearby trees can make a handy bridge for rats to get across to your roof so be sure to leave those alone if you want to make it easy for the rats to pay you a visit.

Why rats in your home is not a good thing

All joking aside, having wild rodents in your home, and rats in particular, is not something to be desired. Rats can make a real mess of your home in places you can’t even see, chewing through wood, wiring, insulation and pipes. People and pets living in the property can also be exposed to rat urine and feces and rats can carry and spread a wide variety of diseases from salmonella to hantavirus.

If you see a rat or hear rodents in your walls, give a reliable and professional rat control company like H2 Pest Control a call. We are a family-owned business located in and servicing all of Utah County and Salt Lake County.

You might feel ashamed to have rats in your house but rest assured that H2 Pest Control’s technicians have seen it all and won’t judge you on what they find inside. Rats can make their way into practically any home and our main priority is to get you living a pest-free life. Take a look at our comprehensive rodent removal service for more information on how we can improve your quality of life.