Spider in a bath tub

Why Spiders Appear Inside Your Home

Spider Control for Your House

Have you ever found spiders in the nooks and crannies of your home? Spider control is a major concern for many homeowners, especially those with dark and warm areas in their house where spiders like to live.

Finding a spider in your living area, shower, or kitchen can be disturbing, but understanding what attracts spiders to your house will help you stave them off. Like humans, spiders have three basic needs: food, water, and shelter. Keep reading below for three main reasons that spiders are infesting your home and to learn more about how you can manage these three factors to effectively address a spider pest control problem.

Problem 1: You have many spider-friendly locations in your house.

Spiders usually reside in quiet, damp areas where they have access to water and food. The more cluttered an area, the easier it is for a spider to find a hiding spot and make a web. In colder months, they are also drawn to warm areas. For this reason, spiders are usually found in basements, attics, bathrooms, garages, cluttered closets, and other storage spaces.

A Solution

Regularly dusting and cleaning out storage spaces and quiet corners of your home will help you with spider control in those areas. You might also want to use a vacuum to clean hard-to-reach spaces like the undersides of furniture.

Also check your home for houseplants, firewood, grocery bags, or other outside items that might have carried spiders inside. Keep windows and doors shut and check for any cracks or holes in your screens.

Problem 2: Spiders have found a food source in your home.

Spiders feed on insects. For most spider species in Utah, mosquitoes, moths, fleas, ants, and flies are all staple foods. You can tell if a spider is living in your home when you see spiderwebs in areas where it is attempting to catch food. If a spider is unsuccessful in one spot, it will move on to another, leaving its old web to become a cobweb.

A Solution

Dirty dishes, open trash cans, and food waste can all cause pest control issues. And if you have a pest problem in your home, spider control will be more difficult. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep your home tidy and regularly clean surfaces that might attract insects.

Be conscious of leftover food in your kitchen that might lead to a pest control problem.

Problem 3: Moisture in your home is attracting spiders.

In dry climates like Utah, water is a precious resource. Spiders that are unable to find adequate food and water outdoors might be drawn to the more hospitable conditions inside your home.

Spiders often hunt for food near moist areas where insects are found. This is why regular cleaning and general pest control are important parts of effective spider control.

A Solution

Be aware of any leaky faucets or standing water in your home and keep your bathroom and kitchen dry and clean. Check for leaky pipes, hoses, or other potential water sources.

Keeping Your Home Spider-free

All spiders are a nuisance, but some species can be dangerous. The black widow, which is found in Utah, is venomous. The woodlouse spider, while not as dangerous as the black widow, still has a painful bite.

If you’re struggling with a spider infestation, contact H2 Pest Control about spider treatment options today. The suggestions outlined above can help manage a spider infestation, but long-term solutions are needed for effective and permanent spider control.

H2 Pest Control offers environmentally friendly sprays. We’ll inspect your home for potential spider entry points, and if your spider problem isn’t completely eradicated, we’ll reservice your home (for free!) until it is. Contact us today for a comfortable and spider-free home!